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palm sliders / knox sps

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by vintec, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. since the release of knox hand armour range, the importance of scaphoid bone protection has caught my attention and i've been shopping around for a pair of gloves that incorporate knox sps palm slider.

    i strongly believe that knox sps is highly beneficial on the tracks but are they necessary for road commuting? i've been looking for injury statistics related to scaphoid fracture to no avail. i've also read about related injuries from a low speed off (40kph). of course, the more you spend on gears, the more protected you are; but at the same time, there are gears catered for road commuters, so is knox sps a major factor when choosing gloves?

    current line of gloves with knox sps are only limited to held, weise, rs taichi etc that are not available here or higher ends of a*, teknic etc. The only more affordable gloves with this technology is 2010 model teknic lightning, which i believe is not available here (or at least brisbane) yet. so the choices of gloves that i could try on locally are very limited

    this also brings up another question, are gloves with similar (but inferior?) palm protection ie. stingray hide, good enough?
  2. what's more dangerous, controlled conditions on a closed circuit, or dodging brainless cagers commuting on roads where no-one follows the rules and anything can happen at anytime without warning.
    rossi, stoner?.. pfft pussies!.. put them in peak hour inner city Melbourne and let's see how big their balls really are.

    it's a common injury, the bone is notoriously difficult to heal, sometimes never does... more common in motocross... it's the superman reflex you see... you're hands ARE going out in front you, intended or not

    i guess that's an individual choice, my gloves have it, but i don't think it's a 'major factor'... more important factors might include, will the gloves stay on your hands if you get thrown down the road... if not, why bother wearing them.
    but i mean, sure, i can see how the palm slider jobbies may stop you from snapping your wrists, but they're not really absorbing any energy from an impact when doing so... that energy has to go somewhere... hence, individual choice.

    i don't often buy protective apparel locally... in my experience most stuff on the shelves here is ten year old technology, covered in dust, retailing for exuberant prices.

    dunno sorry...

    ps: if of interest to you vinnie, i got my gloves from here> http://highvelocitygear.com/
    they're holding up well, i'm happy with them...i found the pricing very reasonable considering the features of the glove
  3. one thing i have learnt since i started riding is realizing good driving skills does not translate to good roadcraft. however, this is off-topic. looking at the context of controlled environment, track riders have more chances to slide than commuting riders, thus, raising the question of how beneficial palm sliders are. please pardon me if my question sounds silly because i'm a noob. the answer you provided below is what i'm looking for...

    if general consensus agree that scaphoid bone is a biatch to take care of, that will be a main factor when choosing gloves, provided the following rule outlined below is followed...

    i could have gone to sportbiketrackgear.com all guns blazing and gotten a pair of knox recon but following my expensive experience, i'd rather try on the gloves on the bike regardless of how extensive their sizing charts are

    yeah, we're on the wrong side of the globe; or at least this is what they claimed =/

    thanks for the heads up, monkey. too bad they aren't available here for me to try on :(
  4. Dearest Vincent,

    I see where you're comming from now... for a track racer yes, the palm sliders have the benefit of literally sliding on the track, thus not the palms of the gloves sliding, thus a prolonged abrasion resistance to your palms.

    But, for the road commuter the claimed benefit is basically in your initial impact if you hit the deck hands first... say if you locked up the front and were thrown over the bars... gloves typically have grippy palms... so the theory is your palms grip the road on impact and that's where their momemtum stops abruptly,.. whereas the rest of your body dose'nt stop and your own body weight catapulting over your plalms snaps the scaphoid bones..
    see diag below.

    maybe that's a good thing, maybe not... maybe you don't snap your wrists, but you get a mouthfull of chin bar and lose all your teeth??... as said, that energy has to be absorbed somewhere... and so some riders will be thinking knox sps is the ducks guts, others will not be in favour of the technology...

    hey, some guys like airbag jackets, some think they're the dumbest idea ever!...(i happen to think that myself in fact.. i think they are stupid!) anyways, no two crashes are identical... what might save you injury in one crash, may be innefective in another crash.

    Ahaah, i also see your other point!, not being able to try them on... certainly unfortunate that some of the brands you listed are not available here, being that they are well reknown for making the best gear available.

    only idea i can think of would be to try on a pair of gloves of the same brand, that has another model available o/s with the features you want for.

    if your concern is that the palm sliders will feel obtrusive whilst riding, they don't ... they are at the base of the palm and don't come into contact with the hand grips on your bike... well, i've never noticed them to anyway.

    sincerely yours,


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  5. cheers monkeyman, i guess i wouldn't really need it after all. btw, just saw dririder speed that's got carbon fiber protector on the palm. might not do the job as well as the highly researched knox sps but better than simply extra leather padding