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palm Beach Sunday 9/10/11

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by james.leo, Oct 9, 2011.

  1. Was there a ride today at Palm Beach saw about 5 gsxr's go past me along Barrenjoey Road past the cafes.

    So jealous.
  2. There are always rides going on, you really need to be more specific, netrider is not the whole world of motorcycling.
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  3. Why the sarcasism? Where in my post did i mention anything about this site being the world of motorbikes?

    FYI the post was added for pure curiousity if anyone from netrider who reads and posts forums were riding in a group of 5 all riding GSXR's along a road at a specific location yesterday what harm is done??
  4. Sarcasimism was added because it was funny :).
    Dont be jealous mate, unless they were all holding latte's at the same time too.

    P.S. Nice spot for a ride though, hope you can find some participants for a ride.
  5. It opens you up to "sarcasism"
  6. James was just asking a simple question.

    He was just showing how keen he is on bikes.

    By having a crack at him (which you know you were) just makes it less likely for him to post in future.
  7. Wowwee that was a crack?????
  8. By stating an obvious fact that "netrider is not the whole world of motorcycling" is condescending and therefore a crack at him.

    James obviously thought you were having a go based on his reply.
  9. Well you guys need a humour adjustment.

    (shakes head in disbelief)
  10. Dont worry smee, i might have giggled a little... mainly because i had the same thought whilst reading the OP.
    Still hope he gets some riders up for a bash. I have only been to palm beach once and it really is a nice spot.
  11. Maybe you need the "adjustment" and take James' post for whats it was.

    A simple demonstration of his excitement at seeing some fellow bike riders.

    You were just being a smart arse with your comment back to him, and now are too gutless to take it on the chin.
  12. lol this is farkin funnee, dont take to go fishin lol
  13. bait sold here
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  15. James, dont take it the wrong way mate.
    A man chill brother

    Cuddles all round.

    This thread is gettin funnie!
    Gotta sustain more hits than this on NR

    Welcome to the nut house boys!

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  16. This thread was always funny, thanks James. :p
  17. can i please be directed to the whole world of motorcycling
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    on ya chopper!
  19. Dunno Mick, do you still have that left handed throttle on your bike so you can operate that camera of yours? lol

  20. here you go