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Palm Beach Ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Tweetster, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So, we (grange & Tweetster) decided to venture away from the mountains for a day and succumb to the allure of Palm Beach for a late breakfast. We left around 8am and travelled the M4 to Strathfield and onto Parramatta Road, bringing us over Anzac Bridge (love that bridge!) and over the Harbour Bridge (very slowly due to lane closures) towards Spit Bridge (Ooooooh nice views!) through Balgowlah and onto Manly. It was surprisingly cool and misty at Manly but provided a photo opportunity and a sit by the sea (sharp intake of salty air *deep sigh*)

    Back in the saddle and off up around Queenscliff and onto Dee Why and ultimately Bilgola (stop/start/stop/start up the hill to the roundabout) and finally down the other side to Palm Beach. Some photo opportunities over a hazy and cool sea view and off to look for breakfast.

    The Boat House Cafe at Palm Beach http://www.theboathousepb.com.au/ offered some very tasty choices with an absolutely fantastic water view and very laid back atmosphere.... (it is certainly a different feel at the Northern Beaches!). A very nice spot indeed.
    Feeling nicely full, we leave the way we came, but this time turning off to Church Point and through Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park. Not much traffic at all on this section and a very nice ride.

    Then onto St Ives, turn off to Comenarra Park Way to Thornleigh to Dural and then onto Annangrove Road to Box Hill, Riverstone and then back home.
    Had a great time! ..... Thanks grange.

    Misty Manly... Hazy Palm Beach.... Ride map

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  2. ....us at Palm Beach.... us at Church Point

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  3. Is your sidestand broken tweets?
    I find those rides are much more fun when you get off and walk around a bit... :D
  4. ^^^... that!!... from "Mr Fishnets".....[-(

    ..yeah, yeah!!.... grange hops off his bike, takes a pic and is back on before I can say coooooooeeeeeeeeeee!!!... so I'm just sitting there looking like a stunned mullet!!... :p

    Proof that I actually got off the bike!! (that's me sitting on the bench!!.... lol)

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  5. I really must change my avatar now the ride's done for this year...
  6. did u say hi to ALF for me ????
  7. My old stomping ground! (I used to live in Harbord - Freshwater beach - next beach up from Queenscliff)
  8. He says hello to you....

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  9. Hey jazzfan!...:). I lived in Fairlight many years ago...great area and always nice to pay a visit once in a while!!....go the Harbord diggers!!.:beer: ... Used to visit the Harbord Beach Hotel too!!...

    ... Just no way in hell of ever buying a place there!!....:cry: