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paintless dent removal.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by jeffatav, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. anyone know of a reputable paintless dent remover preferably on he noth shore of sydney?????

    Small dent from my knee after the f#$cking little side stand gave way in a bunning car park :evil: :evil:

  2. I saw some video online the other day that showed a bloke removing a dent by:

    1) Heating the area with a hairdryer for no more than about 30 seconds

    2) Turning a compressed air can upside down and spraying liquid C02 on the dent

    The heat/cold cycle popped the dent out. This was however on a car, I don't know if it'd work on a shaped bike tank but I'm planning to try it on the ZX9's tank to see if it sorts out Woodsy's testicle dents.
  3. Hey Loz, you know that crappy little side stand.....................enough said, knee dent to the tank just under the side "seam":evil:
  4. I don't remember the sidestand being much of an issue... But you might want to give the compressed air thing a try if it's a large-ish dent on a reasonably flat area.
  5. give us an update after woody's testicles are straightened out :LOL:
  6. hey jeff i'm not sure if you have them up there but check the yellow pages for eithe dent king or dent doctor, they do paintless dent removal, pretty sure their prices are fairly reasonable as well
  7. from memory "As New " smash repairs did/does paintless dent removal

    Cnr Pittwater and Harbord rd Brookvale

    ^^^^ if they still exist....
  8. thanks fellas,

    I'll give a few mobile repairers a ring tomorrow and they may be able to do something while I am at work.


  9. Oh no Jeff!!! Not your new pride and joy :( How did the the stand give way??
  10. steve, am still not sure.

    I had my workboots on and the stand is always a little tricky to peel out from behind the gear lever.

    It didn't feel right and I looked down and all seemed good. I got right leg up and to the seat position and down we went. I was in an underground bunnings carpark, and I am pretty sure there was no oil or anything for a slip.

    I had just put on some sexy graphite teardrop mirrors and snapped off the Right hand one even though we fell to the left................go figure.
    Back go the OEM mirrors :roll:

    It wasn't till I got back to work in the sunlight and my apprentice pointed out the knee dent for me.......................not happy!!!
  11. Thats a bummer there Jeff. It's amazing how a small fall can do so much damage .... especially the hip pocket. Anyhow this business is not on North Shore but might be able to do a good price. The owner has also built his own bike (have to see to believe) so may be good to put him on your list of quotes?? :) :)

  12. I've looked into this before (I've got 2 small dents in my tank where the switch-blocks hit it) and was told that they can't do dentless removal on a tank because they need access to both sides.

    The only way to do it is to drill a small hole, poke a wire through and pull the dent out then seal with filler, pain and re-line the tank.