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Painting TYGA Kit (RVF400)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by HANDSY, May 12, 2008.

  1. hey,

    im looking at buying a RVF400 for my first bike. I want to put a tyga kit on it. i would buy one from sumoto but from the sounds of things, ill spend 10k for the bike than 15k to fix it up.
    so im hoping to buy a stock bike for $5000-$7000, than ill put the kit on myself, has anyone here done it on this bike?
    I searched and i understand "how much to paint this" is very broad, would it cost more to get a pattern, like the honda lines that run across fairing and onto tank than just to do it one color?, ill be using, black, matt black, grey, taking all the fairings off and taking them to the shop. The TYGA kits, when odered directly from them, are they ready to paint, or is there prep work required? estimates anyone?

    thanks heaps

  2. My advice is if you are going to pay someone to paint it, don't do it. I am assuming that your gonna sell this bike for an upgrade in a year or so. In which case you are better putting the money away for your upgrade. The kit is approx $1200 from Tyga. Paint will be anywhere from $500 for a cheap arse job to $2-3k for a top job depending on what work you want done.
    So your looking at at least $3k to do what your talking about. When you go to upgrade, that $3k you put in to your $6k bike will look mighty stupid and I am positive you will wish you hadn't spent it.

    First bikes IMHO should be enjoyed and the only money spent on it should be petrol and maintainence, So when you go to sell it there are no regrets
  3. but im more than happy to spend the money now and not get it bac.....i understand that its a depreciating asset.
  4. hi mate im in a similar boat, but with a cbr250rr

    i bought one hoping to tyga mod it etc.
    when i looked at the costs it got rediculous, and after riding it for a while i got to like the look of it and realised that if i drop it, serious money will be involved and so its better to keep the scratched fairings i bought it with.

    also when you own a bike you will care less about the looks, trust me.

    ive test ridden an rvf400 and theyre a gun, the extra money doesnt need to be spent. learn to ride the thing before you tyga it by any means, me and 3 mates bought bikes and all 3 of us said we wont drop it. all 3 bikes have been dropped many times, its inevitable.

    mine was in an accident though and so im getting the insurance money to tyga my cbr250rr.

    the cost to get a decent paint job was quoted at 1500 (minimum), 2000 (more likely).

    thats a load of crap so i went and got the gear to paint it myself. ive got a small amount of experience in the area but im gonna go and paint it matt black and whack a few decals on.

    it will do me fine untill the next decent drop!!

    and by the way, the RVF has 10 more horses than a CBR but has way more torque and it much easier to drop for a learner.

    i seriously recommend dropping the poser factor for atleast half a year, then doing the thing up, its up to you though. it was a hard choice for me but i made it too. im not regretting it either :grin:
  5. Give yourself a break nick, you haven't dropped anything yet, even that piece of shit across with the slippy throttle!

    And mine happened on my first ride away from the back-streets on some invisible black tar sharp speed hump which has now been flattened out. :p

    And Kitab well... nobody does a U-turn on piled up wet leaves
  6. haha.

    i still support my point though.

    the tyga mod is especially expensive on an RVF400 and the amount of times the side stand has dug into the grass and resulted in a cracked fairing or i didnt put it down properly and smacked off the clutch leaver / scrathed engine cap / scratched fairing makes me think its better not to have a done up bike untill slightly later.
  7. I've got my hands on a tyga seat cover, does anyone know what prep is required prior to painting? I just want to spray paint it black so it matches the bike (currently the seat cover is the white paint that tyga send it out in).

    Do I need to use any particular type of spray paint?
  8. +1, but also repair and painting new fairings once you're about to sell.. lol[/quote]