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Painting some bits

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by 69SIM, Jun 14, 2016.

  1. Yellow

  2. Yellow/Orange

  3. Original is fine

  4. I want candy

  5. White

  1. Hey peeps,

    Been thinking for a while about painting part of my DL1000 to make certain sections pop. The little rack on the back suffers from a bad paint job (Suzuki recall but I cbf'd getting it fixed as it'll just get scratched up again) and seeing certain other bikes with various subframe sections in bright orange has made me think about painting the crash bars to make them stand out a bit.

    I may not do anything but I'd like people's general yay or nay.

    Here is my basic idea:

    2015-09-24 10.19.59.

    First one is in Suzuki's Champion Yellow:
    2015-09-24 10.19.59 - Suzuki Champion Yellow.

    Second one is a nice looking yellow/orange:
    2015-09-24 10.19.59 - Orange.
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  2. Go for it I like it ;)
  3. the first one :)
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  4. Great looking bike already, but the yellow accent will look stunning and very happy :happy:! Don't add too many colours, so yellow-orange version is a no from me.
  5. I like the second warm-tone yellow version. It goes with the gold forks really well. :]
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  6. I'd go yellow. Also depends on the finish you are going for, anodised or gloss would go really well I think.

    Can I have some candy now?
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  7. i hope the painter is a bit more careful than the photoshop dude
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  8. I want candy

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  9. Nr 2. That lumo job would drive you nuts in about a week...
  10. Such a nice looking bike as it is! Original and/or candy for me.
  11. what about the section of frame that holds the rear pegs?
  12. It is my opinion that the yellow you've chosen clashes hard with your beautiful orange forks, and the orange you've chosen clashes hard with the yellow. I don't like heaps of colours on bikes but a little bit here and there can really make it pop like you said. I have always had a thing for white bikes, how do you think it would look with the crash bars, belly pan, grab rails and subframe painted in white like the tank and front end? The white on black thing really stands out and I love the look of that - the white tank looks pretty nice surrounded by all that black.

    Also, the blue on the arrow exhaust logo is beautiful, you could get a colour match from that and accent a few bits similarly. Unless you want a massive pop, then obviously you'll need a louder colour. In which case, if you can deal with the yellow clashing with your orange forks, my vote is yellow.
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  13. Whatever colour you end up choosing, I think doing the subframe to match would look good.
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  14. IMO, Matching to fork colour is the go, in the examples you've provided.

    I'm sure there are factory colour schemes on certain bikes that turn you on. I know there are for me.
    The trick would be to emulate that on your bike, making allowance for any design differences, between what you like and your particular canvas.

    As long as you're happy 69SIM69SIM, that's all that matters.
    Go for it, my friend.
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  15. Thanks all, much to think about, but keep it coming.

    Yeah Steve VtecSteve Vtec, maybe white might be nice and wasn't sure about blues or greens.

    chilliman64chilliman64, _wheel__wheel_, I thought about mocking up that part of the bike, but not sure how much dissasembly I could really be bothered doing if I went that way, thus only colourising the stuff I knew I could get off... Worth a thought though :)

    Mick MMick M, maybe I should get you to do your cord wrap on my crash bars next year at Jindy for me... that looked bl00dy awesome on your Strom!
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  16. mate I reckon you can do one or two pieces at a time and see how you like it. nothing says you have to do it all at once. progressive may be the way to go that way you ease into it.
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  17. I reckon paint the rear frame and grabrail that's white black to match frame. Get some rim tape to add some colour to the hoops. Match the fork colour or go for white tape.
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  18. Blue: Attempt to match "Arrow" Blue.

    2015-09-24 10.19.59 Blue.
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  19. White Bits:

    2015-09-24 10.19.59 White.
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  20. darker? how about the blue they use on the MT's?