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Painting screen... legal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by koma, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. Hoping someone amongst the illustrious ranks of netriders knows the legalities involved in painting a wind screen on a motorbike.

    The one ive got on the bike at the moment is frosted beyond all hope; and whilst ive put in a fair few hours polishing it with toothpaste, car polish, and a few other products... none have really brought the screen back to the clear finish i'd hoped for. So the other extreme is to clean it as best i can and to spray it black (start humming 'Paint It Black' :D ).

    I know its legal to tint a screen, but is it legal to completely paint it a solid colour? Its not as if i could actually look through the screen on my lil fizzer (i've tried... trust me ive tried).

  2. Don't know if the laws are different in Vic, but the screen on my funduro is made out of solid black plastic. There's absolutely no way you could see through it even if you did curl up and put your face down low. I've never been knocked back for rego, or had problems with the cops. I think the screen on a bike is classified more as a wind deflector than a "window".
  3. I meant VICTORIA not Vic (don't mean to take a moderators name in vain)
  4. as far as i can remember in Victoria
    NO painted screens .
    tinted or heavily , but not painted .
    must be transperant .
  5. I think it is illegal, but I doubt you'd get in much trouble for it..
  6. I don't know if it's legal, but I sprayed mine 6 months ago, and I just don't think the po po look that closely, cause I've had no problems...

    koma, if you do end up spraying it, use the glass tint spray, my viffers shield looks awesome, you will end up using the whole can, but the end result is worth it, it doesn't look so solid, if that makes sense.. :s
  7. Then how do you explain all those bikes with solid screens/flyscreens?
    They would all be illegal.
  8. Hmmm... your Viffer screen looks pretty damn hot!

    Did you spray that just on the inside or the outside aswell?
    I've got a damn stain on my screen from where some brake fluid trickled down the outside. :oops: I think it would be more obvious (black background) if i just sprayed the inside.

    Where can i get a can of this glass tint spray?

    edit: I'm sure ive seen some road/track bikes that have a solid sprayed screen; there was a Gixxer on a ride a few weeks back that had one. Might have to go hunting through the ADR section for motorbikes.
  9. wow that VFR screen looks mean as :D

    is that the same as the tail-light tint spray that the hoons use?
  10. We have only sprayed the inside of the shield, I think if you sprayed the outside, it would get damaged too quickly (stones and stuff), and you would also lose the natural gloss of the shield...

    Got the paint from Autobarn, can't remember the brand, but it was a glass tint spray..
    When you first start spraying, it will look horrid, but once you get the layers going, she will look magic, I taped up the whole of the front of the screen, and to get the sticky (from the tape) off, just use some orange (citrus) spray..

    Good Luck :D
  11. Not sure, but hubby originally bought it for his tail lights, and it didn't work well at all, would have needed too many coates, which would have made the lenses too dark...
  12. What about applying a reflective tint film to the outside of the screen? Readily available at most auto stores.
  13. The tint film has always been an option... but given the odd curvatur of my screen it wouldnt be very easy to do. Also if the film were applied to the outside it would get damaged very easily.

    Me thinks itll be a spray the inside with that glass tint stuff and hope it doesnt go too badly. I've been told that glass tint stuff can be removed with kerosine should i not like the result.
  14. If the Vic authorities haven't cared about painted/dark tinted screens so far, just wait till the number plate decals come in...
  15. Have you got a link for the plate decals? :D
    I want to see how they look... :)
  16. This link's from the Front number plates...again thread:


    I've been assuming the decal would go on the inside of the screen, but of course the tender that's just gone out is for the "testing of motor cycle number plate decals for application and retention
    characteristics along with readability following accelerated weathering
    routines consisting of exposure to UV, salt spray, high pressure water and
    grit impact in addition to thermal cycling. "

    Which kinda implies they'd be stuck on the outside of any screen, painted or not.
  17. Why not replace the screen?

    I know its more exy than paint or tint, but still an option.

    I'm getting a taller screen from here http://www.eaglescreens.com.au/
    seen a photo of the screens fitted, they look good, and hopefully will divert some wind over my boof head :?

    That tint looks wicked Shona :D

  18. Didnt there used to be a Ducati back in the 80's or something that had a solid colour screen? The Paso i think it was called. Im such a big help :D
  19. I don't even know how to describe the ugliness of that thing, I can't see it working, but I'm sure enough money will be spent on trying to make it work.. :-s

    I would have liked to see the what the CBR1000 looks like with it, the feedback sounds good... Good luck with it Iffracem, and thanks, I couldn't even consider changing it now, but when Jem suggested it, I thought "NO WAY", then he promised if it looked crap he would replace it with a propper tinted shield, I thought "What the heck", turns out I really like it, men do sometimes know what they're doing :-$ [/quote]