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Painting rims

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Stroker, May 29, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I would like to paint the rims on my RS125 bright red.

    Has anyone had their rims painted before ? Any painters in NW Sydney that you could recommend ? Cost ?


    Just ignore the gaylord in the pic:

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  2. how bout just some rim tape alot easier
  3. Powder coating is a lot tougher. Better suited to rims. First tyre change and the rims are going to mark with paint.
    I was quoted $350 for mine. That's with me breaking down the rim, brakes, tyres so forth.
  4. *wolf whistles*
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    I seem to remember someone else asking who could get their rims done for cheap. Ended up being around $70 per rim but this was a place down in Wollongong. A quick search has yielded no results but maybe my search Fu is down after 4 beers.....

    Meanwhile: [URL="]
  6. This was my inspiration ( shamelessly stolen from the AF1 Aprilia Forum ) :

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  7. cool....on the to do list!
  8. Just google powder coating or anodizing in your local area.
  9. Go with powder coating instead of painting, a lot tougher and cheaper.
    Shop around for prices.
    I removed the bearings myself, actually my tyre fitting place did the first wheel at no cost, takes a couple of minutes.
    I then made up a couple of wooden blanks to seal off the bearing area with a length of booker rod holding them to the hub, put some bolts in the disc mounting holes.
    With the wheel like this all the powder coater has to do is sandblast, spray powder and bake, no interuptions to his process.
    Cost to me was $45 per wheel, sand blasting and powder coating
    $20, new bearings
    $5, length of threaded rod.
  10. Great tips, thanks !
  11. just diy spray them. very easy.
    sanding, primer, paint, clear.

    try to use VHT wheel paint, the stuff is extremely good. ive had no chips of flakes in over 2 years on my car.
  12. Magman in punchbowl can powdercoat your rims
  13. If you're going to a powder coater, see if they do e-coating. Proper automotive grade painting, very durable.