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Painting my gpx

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by mr_roboto, May 2, 2008.

  1. im thinking of painting my gpx, pulling off the fairings etc and painting it with the spray can. has anyone done this? Worth it or not really?

    Im not interested in getting it done by a pro cos the bike isnt worth that much... just an old gpx. I just think it could look better than it does now.

    Considering matter black. At the moment its already black, but covered in 18 year old stickers that look crap.

  2. Yep, did my old girl with a spray can and some instructions
    FZR1000UK dot com
    I think that's the url, google it.

    12 steps, result was way better than expected.

    Go for it. follow the steps.

    I'm at work so I can't attach the pics but will do from home later if you like.
  3. If it isnt horribly scrathed up paint work, i would just pull the stickers and remove the sticker gunk with wax&grease remover.

    if you are going to paint you will need to do the same anyway, and seal your garage, with some drop sheets and remember to wet the floor a little - to prevent dust rising and getting in the paint.
  4. If you could that would be nice.
  5. Can you also provide a link for the site too please?
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  7. Cheers JD :cool:

    Now i just need to figure out how to stop riding it long enough, maybe Kruddy's going to help me with that.
  8. As fzr1000.co.uk no longer exists.

    Does anyone still have a copy of the post with the 12 steps to painting please.

    As above I've used this method but lost the instructions.
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  12. i'm about to undertake this on my across, going to do it satin black, with satin clear over the top. only thing i'm not clear on is how much i have to sand back the original (red) paint, do i need to take it back to plastic, or can i just hit it with coarse grit paper until it's good and swirly, then start with primer?
  13. If I were painting plastic I would not worry so much about getting it back to the base plastic, I would be more into getting a good smooth scratch and dent free surface before applying primer, then back to sanding, then undercoat, then sanding...

    (there is probably an etch primer layer in there somewhere too)

    ... I think it is one of those jobs where patience is your greatest tool.

    (Which is why I don't paint - my theory would be if you paint the bike then go for a good fast ride the paint would dry quicker).

    Anyone else point us non painters to a good 'how to' on the web somewhere?
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  14. Here here - thinking of painting old red faded bike to a nice matt black - ducati monster stealth style