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Painting bikes

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kpun, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. i was wondering how you actually DIY paint your bike without getting the original logos etc covered up.

  2. You don't.
    Only way to do it properly is to remove the original stickers, and replace with replicas.
  3. is that how they do it in the shops ?
  4. They would in good shops.

    Others may simply try masking off the stickers and hoping the new paint is a match for what is underneath them. That's certainly what was done to my Katana in the past, which is why I had to spend so much time sanding the whole damn thing back to bare metal/plastic. :(
  5. If you're going to go over the existing paint job don't forget to take some sand paper to the surface.
  6. HAI GUYZ - I want to paint this wall in my house but it has pictures hanging on it. Is there any way I can paint it without taking down the pictures?
  7. ...try glad wrapping it...
  8. OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! Fetish bike :bannanabutt:
  9. Why does the cat in bad boy bubby keep popping into my mind ?????
  10. Why do Dexter's victims keep popping into mind..
  11. LOL.. bad boy bubby.. what was that like 93.
  12. Vtr bob managed to respray my fairings without removing the 'ZZR' decals that weren't damaged. I assume he taped it up and worked around it, no doubt it was fiddly but he did it, so its its definitely possible.