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painting a puttied dent on tank

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by daedalus, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. my bike is a kawasaki gpx250 year 2000. its OEM colour is "Sunbeam red" by colorrite (http://www.colorrite.com/product/kawasaki-639-sunbeam-red-1486.cfm)

    After putting putty on the small dent (3.5cm radius), what is the best way of painting?

    i cant buy from colorrite as they wont ship to aus. i can use brokers like priceusa but i rather not as its alot of effort

    can i bring it to a paint shop (eg bunnings) get them to computer match the colour and just paint over it? anything special i need to do? eg buffing the putty, undercoat/primer etc?

    what are the chances that it will look good
  2. dont go to bunnings, go to a auto paint shop, get them to colour match it, u will need to paint the whole tank, sand it with wet and dry, prime it, sand it with wet and dry, paint it, clear coat it, then buff it

    but seeing u know nothing about it, get a panel beater to do it
  3. and, as long as you have to go that far, take the rest of the components, if you can afford to do so, and get them ALL re-sprayed in a stock, Australian auto colour
  4. yeah. take it to a panel beater and offer CASH. as hornet said, maybe get the whole thing done if you can stretch that far.
    bunnings dont do auto colour anyway.
    a full set of fairings could be turned around by a decent paint thrower in a few days.
  5. i know by spot painting it wont look totally original. however if i cant see the slight colour change say 1m away then im happy.

    possible? that way it will only cost me like $50 for putty and paint

    alternative is for me to put a decal over the putty...
  6. about $200 will get it done properly,
    u can also get the proper colours via formual in australia if you know how.
    read the guide if u want to do it yourself.
    Its not comprehensive but it will tell u what u need to do.
  7. $200 for whole bike or just the tank?

    cause zion quoted me $700 to respray the whole bike
  8. just the tank,

    There are obvious saving for painting a whole bike compared just one panel, which get passed on.

    same way u save when buying anything in bulk. that and OEM paints aren't cheap.