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Painting a Hornet

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Today I got some filler and patched the small dent in the Hornet's tank, and sanded it back smooth. It looks fine, and I know I have to do a couple of undercoats too, but how do you get hold of the right colour top-coat? It's the standard Honda blue; do Honda sell small amounts of it for touch-up purposes??

  2. I just went to a crash repairers Paul. They colour-matched it from the code under the seat and their spectro-gazmit-er
  3. guuurroovy, Cam, thanks!!!
  4. Paul, I sometimes see the standard colour paints in tiny amounts for sale on e-bay, but yeah go to your crash repairer & give them the colour code that's under the seat.

    the name of your colour is "Candy Tahitian Blue"

    same colour mine was back in the day....
  5. Thanks, all.

    It appears to be a little more complicated than I imagined (surprise, surprise).

    There is a paint code under the seat, but no-one I've talked to yet either has the paint or is willing to sell any. Our local motorcycle paint expert (the guy who did the insurance job after the accident last time) wants $350 to repaint the whole tank, and won't sell me any even though he's mixed it before and knows what to do. He says because it's a Candy paint it needs a base coat then a clear coat.

    I don't want the Mona Lisa; I just want a small area on the tank to be somewhat the same shade of blue as the rest of the bike; am I expecting too much? The paint code is PB215C.
  6. paul,
    it WILL need a clear coat otherwise the paint will (over time) start to go flakey & look dodgy compared to the rest of the tank.

    are you painting the bike for selling or keeping?
    if for keeping it probably won't matter too much.
    if for selling then if anyone looks at it who has knowledge of paint they'll notice the touch up job (like my BF did when we looked at my bike..there was one section that was slightly dull).

    I'm suprised that when you got the tank done last time the painter didn't give you the left over paint - I have 1/2 a jar of red paint in the shed, it's the left overs from my paint job & the painter gave it to me should I need to do touch up work.

    have you asked on the nest? if you,re not a member, do you want me to ask for you?

    other option is, do you know of any paint whole salers near you?
  7. hi there.....it most certainly is a candy...we done a CBR600 a few weeks ago....altho i have done some cheats with it without using pigment before....Most motorcycle colours are pigments over a groundcoat even solid colours......we dont use codes at all as i have never seen one that works(not that there is many available at all)You could try going to a shop that sells PPG Deltron paint...Altho i am tipping that they will try sell you a pigment and unless you have a dust free enviroment...you will be screwed trying to acheive a factory finish.....good luck
  8. 11 Amax Ave Girraween NSW 2145
    Ph: (02) 9636 5411
    Fax: (02) 9636 5300

    They will sell it to ya. If ur ever in sydney way. But ring up to check if its avaliable first. Ill do it for $50 plus paint (paint $50+hardener bit of thiner) but it will not be a pro job.
  9. Luv to put a bright orange on it if u want change it from blue it i gona put orange on my yamaha cruiser good luck finding colour
  10. The offer is always on Paul, if you need it painted, ride on down. I have all teh gear except paint.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Actually I was thinking this morning of re-painting the whole bike another non-candy-apple colour, just to be different!! I thought a nice light sky blue would go well, what do you reckon?

  12. I reckon light blue would make it look like a spada or something equvilant out of the eighties. Strong bright vibrant colours r in dude.
  13. Actually, now I look at it, it reminds me of a colour that came on the 80s Kawasaki Z650!!! Maybe just a plain bright red, or a plain orange like savethelastdance suggested....
  14. i think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit..........

    paul - suggest a orange like the 2006 hornet in the UK/USA. will be a unique looking bike!!

    something like this one:

  15. Vitamin C orange Paul, or Hemi orange. It would be cool and different.
    Another bonus with a solid colour is ease of touching up if you ever feel the need to lie down for a bit :oops: , and if you paint it a car colour, ease of obtaining paint in teh future.

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. My thoughts exactly, Andrew.

    I shall discuss matters with the minister for finances and war and get back to you... :).
  17. nah... this is more the style.........


    Goooorn.. you know you want to! :LOL: :LOL:
  18. ARRGH, my eyes!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could you AVOID being chased by the anti-hoon if your bike looked like that!???
  19. easy, they'd crash cos their eyes were choked full of tears laughing too much