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painting a bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lobsta, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. lookin at a bike, and was wondering what sort of costs are associated with painting the thing. currently it is "speed bump black", and i would prefer it to be something more like "visible red". is this even an option on a bike that costs 3 grand?


  2. Hey, well there are two options:

    1. Buy the paint, sand the panels yourself and then bring it to a body shop, should not cost nothing over a grand :)

    2. Buy paint, sand the panels and spray it yoursef, few bucks on paint and some hours work.

    I would personally get the paint you want, sand the panels smooth and then bring them to your local bodyshop...
  3. i would LOVE to paint it myself, but im deathly scared of looking like... well, that i painted it myself. how hard is it really? remember, i am a pharmacy student, not a normal person...
  4. Hey, do you have access to a spray gun? I started painting bikes when i was young with spray cans and it looked very good, not too hard, main idea is that you should rather have thin than fat and wet layers as these will leave lines that will ruin the whole bike. You could ask your local bodyworks how much they would charge you if you did the sanding and provided the paint. pretty sure that it should be pretty cheap...

  5. pretty sure you can hire spray guns from bunnings whorehouse cant ya?

    it sounds like a good project, but how long would it be fairing-less while i wait for paint to dry?
  6. Lobby, you're 18 mate. Have a crack at it.
    If it's shite, sand it back and do it again. You've got another 70 years and umpteen bikes to practice on.
    And when you get good at it, you'll have more mates than you know what do with, all wanting theirs done.
    Go for it. Post pics. :wink:
  7. Sorry no idea mate, everything is different here in tassie haha :) Well you have to leave at least 24 hours to let the paint dry, combined with putty and primer beforehand i would say at least two days.. this also depends on the temp etc. Might be able to get it done in a day... just make sure your working in a clean room as anything will get stuck on the paint... Other than that it should be pretty easy even for a pharmacy student, dont worry mate :LOL:
  8. Take your time, thin easy layers. Don't be in a rush. Give a good 2 days to dry in a room at around 20 odd degrees or slightly warmer. I haven't painted a panel though in 5years, so dont listen to me.

    When you finished sanding the panels, whipe them down with a slightly damp cloth to remove any dust.
  9. buy some acrylics from yoru local art shop and just chuck it on :p :rofl:
  10. on a vaguely related issue what should I use to get the wax & polish off my tank so I can stick tank pads on it? I have metho and rubbing alcohol.
  11. there's stuff called wax remover off the top of my head.

    best bet is to go into a automotive paint supply place them and tell them what you want to do.

    I know there is stuff I used to wipe on as the final act before priming to remove silicon but it's been quite a few years and lots of beers so the memory is a bit hazy.
  12. Eucalyptas oil is what I have used before and it seemed to work pretty well. Gentle on the paint and about the only thing that gets the gunk left behind from old stickers as well.
  13. Drink both the alcohol and the metho. The bike won't look any better, but you won't give a damn.
  14. metho should be enough.
    wax and grease remover is the best thou alot pricier
  15. thanks, I'll do it properly
  16. lol.
    I spent extra to get an All Black Bike...
    The other way of thinking is, If they cant see you, how can they hit you? no???