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Painting a bike with no fairings

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by squidman, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. I was curious to knowif i could paint my CD250, its got no fairings its got the tank and wheel guards, if i take off the tank and weel guards and sand them down could i spray over them with a spray can mysself?

    or would the paint peel off?
  2. i'd say it'd peel...used to be a hoodlum with spraycans - check out crunch and montana paint if your going to seriously consider doing it with a spraycan as they'd be your best bet imo (also...not stalking you :p just as above posted - paint is a old hobby - +it shouldn't cost you much to get it done at a auto shop for the record)
  3. You can do it with a spray can, but the finish won't be the best unless you put a lot of time/effort into it.

    This would be my process: sand back the old paint a bit...doesn't have to be down to their undercoat. Put a few coats of undercoat/primer of the same brand of spray can the colour is going to be. Make sure you sand each undercoat/primer with some 400grit wet and dry. With colour application, at each coat sand with 800grit wet/dry until the final coat use 1200grit (at least 3 coats of colour IMO). Then apply several coats of clear (3 or 4 should do)...first coat you can sand back with 1200grit, 2nd coat 2000grit and then final coat you don't need to do any sanding. If you like you can do a 4th coat of clear.

    With the process above, it will take a long time. Each coat should be left to dry and cure for a couple of hours on a hot day. Clear coats being the most important since you want it to cure/dry/harden properly. The undercoat/primer can be done in a day if the weather is warm (20-25) leaving each coat to dry completely. Leave overnight away from moisture.

    Colour coat is the same as undercoat/primer. First layer can be fairly rough, 2nd coat more coverage and while sanding, remove all blemishes/dirt/etc. 3rd coat should pretty much be the best coat...but if you still find blemishes or uneven areas, can do a final coat. Leave overnight away from moisture.

    Clear coat should be left to cure for longer. Final coat should be left for at least a day or two. That should give plenty of time for it to cure. If you have 2 coats without sanding, you can leave the first coat for a day, 2nd coat left for 2 days drying.

    That's what I did with my track bike and nothing has peeled yet. It's been only a few months though. It is much more easily scratched though compared to proper spray painting.