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Painters & Mechanics - 2 Question in 1 post, wow :)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by pgm, Aug 26, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I'm new and I'm sorry for being a nuisance..

    Question 1: Painters in Melbourne
    I crashed by bike and need my fairings painted 1 colour, black or white whatever is cheaper. The fairings does have a couple of cracks and bumps though.. I have a fairly small budget $300- does one know where to get some cheap paint & repair work done.

    Question 2: Mechanics in Melbourne
    I'm after reputable mechanic that works a lot with 2 stroker racers :) Can anyone suggest a place, I've been to so much dodgy Mechanics and need some advice.

    Thanks you and Sorry.

  2. Eh, no need to be sorry dude, asking questions is what its all about ;) Information sharing...

    Welcome to Netrider!!!!

    Sorry, I can't help with any answers though, but I'm sure plenty of others will shortly :)
  3. Hi pgm , welcome to the forum . I know of a very good spray painter up in reservoir who deals only with motorbike fairings . I highly recommend him. When i get home i'll post up a number to call and he will give u a rough idea over the phone .
  4. I'd highly recommend my mechanic, but he'll be in the Alfred for the next few months after he got cleaned up by a car last week :(

    I'll be keeping an eye on this thread in the hope of finding another good one though.
  5. Original Finish, Ian McCausland. Not bad for an oirish mun.

    Flash him your netrider member card for your discount. Details are on the Partners page.

    Chemanics.......if you have lots $$ to throw at them, PTR (Phil Tainton Racing) "Does amazing things with your pistons"
    They are awesome but come at a premium.
    They are in Wantirna Up the road from Knox, opposite the brick manufacturing place on Stud Rd.
  6. there is an old bloke at gassits motorcycles in sation st fairfield who does all the bike work , cant remember his name , he is brillant with bikes and repairs
  7. Thanks Guys,

    I think Orginal Finish will cost me over $300 for a paint job :(

    As for mechanics, PTR are so busy :) I'm itching for a ride.

    Thanks Again.

    I'm a NetRider member and wave my membership card proudly.
  8. You managed to get a quote at that hour of the morning and also managed to not get an appointment? :p
  9. Welcome to the forum. The only silly question is the one you don't ask! Lots of gr8 people in here with gr8 advice!
  10. Found it . It's the motorcycle paint clinic ph..94695146.
  11. thank you !