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Painted fuel tank.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by vladpp, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Im repainting my tank as part of a school project. So far i put down a black base coat, masked what i want to remain black, and covered it in spray on chrome. Its been sitting around for about a day now.

    Is a day enough time for the chrome to fully harden before i can spray the final red coat.?

  2. yeah should be.
    U might have trouble with paints sticking to other paint if u didnt sand between every coat,applyed to thin of a coat or mixed types of paint so carefull with the tape.
    If u want it to look good at the end of the day.
    spray everything with acrylic clear coat
    Lots of layers not all in one go. leave for a day or two (not in the sun) then wetsand and polish.
  3. this sounds like a really cool project. do you have any concept sketches of what it will look like that you can show us?

    sure beats the crap out of making a spice rack :p

  4. btw forgot to say dont sand enamels or chrome.
  5. And contrary to Zbikes advice DO not try to put acylic clear over enamel, You will not be happy with the affect you end up with !!!!!