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Painted fairing - buy new or resprayed?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Beno271, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. Looking to have my 06 Fireblade look shiny and sexy but undecided if it's best to have my OEM fairing sprayed or just buy brand new. I see a ton of sites offering aftermarket fairings but unsure if the quality will match up.

    Has anyone dealt with aftermarket fairings before?


  2. I have aftermarket fairings on my zzr250, lets just say when they say they require some fitment, they actually require a lot of patience. And allow a few hours to finish it up I got mine done in about 90 minutes, but when they are done they are great!
  3. I have little patience haha.

    Might ring around for quotes on painting the fairing.
  4. I would prob go new/aftermarket fairing. Think it looks better with the stickers etc already on it blah blah.
  5. I haven't dealt with after-market fairings, but I DO know that genuine ones are kinda expensive. I recently bought a middle panel for my VFR-750 and it cost over $600!
  6. The cheap eBay Chinese fairings are apparantly alot thinner and lesser quality than the original ones. I would paint your original ones.
  7. Thanks basejumper. Going to drop into Peter Stevens in Ringwood at lunch to see if they know anyone in the area who can paint.
  8. Does anyone here have experience with aftermarket fairings?
  9. Yes me, not for the fireblade though, but I have installed my sets of after market fairings and other peoples as well, as I said time and a touch of patience is required. They are a little fiddly, just take your time and its simple.
  10. I have just got a quote to paint over my OEM. $100, slab of jim beam and to buy the paint. This guy paints showroom cars.

    This price made me go with it over the aftermarket as the OEM is better quality plastic and already fits haha.

    Thanks for the advice anyway guys
  11. Man that's cheap . Can you post some pics here so we can see his work !
  12. I bought after market fairings after shopping around and reading a lot of reviews about the sellers and their products.

    the Fairings were $460 shipped and once fitted they looked great. BUT...

    the paint on them was thin, the mounting points in some places were plastic welded and not injection moulded, many holes were not drilled or were drilled to small, the plastic was brittle/thin and certainly not to the same quality as OEM, also the the threaded holes were m6 not m8 which requied all new bolts and some washers/spacers to fit it all together I don't think the fairings would have gone the distance and i never found out, after tarting up the bike i sold it for a small profit.

    some other options:

    get your fairings painted, any body shop will be able to do it.

    alternatively get the panels vinyl wrapped - you will be able to design a custom colour scheme or graphics you name it.
  13. Yeah @mainstage I have to get off my bum and find out how much this paint will be. I'll post images when it's done
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