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Painted Areas on the road

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by 99CIBBER, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys and Gals,

    Had a bit of a slip in the wet on the large patch of paint on the Gore Hill FWay which was indicating that my lane was entering a tunnel, the road marking was prob. about 2.5m x 4 m. I was in a slight lean and merging into the left lane when I rode across the painted section, I felt the tyres slip a tad, nothing too scary, but it threw me off line a little. I've seen the MotoGP riders hit the painted lines at speed and it isn't pretty.

    Just wondering what your thoughts are on painted lines, zebra crossings and large patches of road markings such as those large turning arrows etc etc. Are they a genuine road hazzard??


  2. Avoid them! Along with manhole covers, black "tar-snakes", tramlines, diesel and oil patches, the list goes on.... 8-[
  3. if it isn't the normal road surface avoid it like plague.
  4. they do put grippy stuff in the paint, gives it a rougher surface, but yeah sometimes i guess they don't bother... plenty of slippery lines around my way too
  5. In the wet they are slick..dont try to stop on painted arrows at the lights..you only do it once.
    I have seen a few markings on the road that have been 'scored' to help with traction..or lack of it..but for the most, any paint markings are to be avoided...in wet or dry.
  6. Recommend avoiding them in the dry too, then it becomes a natural thing.
  7. Hit one last year in the wet, leaning in going less than 50 km/hr. Instant lowside. If I have to go over one in the wet the bike is fully stood up now.
  8. Well....here's the thing....I've noticed that they seem to be using a very gritty texture in current line marking, but there's all the old lines which are still as slippery as hell.

    I'm actually very surprised that this isn't more of an issue. There are enough hazards on roads - potholes etc - without having to allow for things which are done on purpose by our Government bodies.

    Those road markings should be at the top of their list.
  9. I'm sure they'll get right onto it :rofl:
  10. Yup, Avoid at all costs unless at exactly 90deg to the road surface. 1 degreee or more equals shitting in pants.
  11. around where I live they are starting to paint the bicycle lanes with green paint which is nasty on a motorbike in the wet or dry. Especially when you need to turn accross them at an intersection or parking.
  12. Yeah, they're slippery. Yeah, avoid them. You know what though? If it was up to the Govt. to provide us with a perfect, racetrack quality bit of road then we'd all be screwed. Its another reason for having decent tyres, and a big up for scanning ahead.

    One thing I will mention is that they can wreak havoc on higher pwoer bikes under acceleration. Decided to have a shot off from the lights on the 1100 (some jerk in an Astra racing me :LOL:), and even though its pushing 30 years old it takes off like a rocket. Was fine on the ashphalt but as soon as I hit the lines the bike had some wild wheelspin that hooked the rear to the left. Corrected and kept on going, but definitely had a bit of a raised eyebrow.
  13. Good replies, Cheers. Time to get some new hoops that are great in the dry, the wet and the paint.!!:)