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Paintballer's question

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by nil_orally, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. An acquaintance is over from the States until the weekend, and wants to check out the paintball equipment available here. Strange, because he is an otherwise smart bloke.

    Anybody know of any decent stores he can look at in the Eastern suburbs of Glorious Melbourne?

  2. Good Luck,

    The rules regarding paintball guns are tougher than normal firearms laws. Eg: Markers must be kept in the possesion of the paintball club, etc.

    I used to paintball referee for about 4 years, and got asked this question alot.
  3. Yeah, i'm pretty sure they've covered under prohibited exports and you'd have a hard time getting them through Customs in the US. They'd probably be cheaper in the US anyway...
  4. i have seen quite a lot of paintball gear on ebay. not sure the rules on mailing overseas though.
  5. Christ I wish the rules were the same regarding paintball markers as they are in the US. I'd love to be able to get a few mates together, go bush and shoot the shit out of each other and not have to pay the fairly high cost of going to an actual field.
  6. Thanks folks.

    On further discussion, it turns out he has a sideline of making the paintball guns and selling them. He wants to check out the market here, and see if there is anything not available in the US of goddam A.

    He lives in Orange County, so I am lining him up for a place to stay....
  7. Hey mate,

    I've been playing for about 5 years now... in Oz you can't buy any paintball marker unless you have a paintball marker licence. After you get a Paintball marker licence you have to get a "Permit to acquire" which takes about 4-6 weeks...

    In Melbourne there's few places to check out markers, some of the indoor fields like Melbourne Indoor Paintball in Port Melbourne or Extreme Indoor Paintball in Geelong would probably be your best places to take him. Then there's Semoz/Pro Paintball Shop in Moama that also has a good range of gear & markers too but a few hours drive from Melbourne. If you were to go to Sydney then Action Paintball Games is a must, and they have probably the best paintball pro shop in Oz!!

    There's only ONE marker made in Australia and that's the MacDev Cyborg and they're manufactured in Sydney and sold worldwide. I know that you can check these out at Semoz in Moama, and I think they sell and run with these at MIP in Port Melbourne.

    If you want any further info, get him onto the Bills Paintball Forums or shoot me a PM coz I'm more than happy to help you/him out with info!

    Azz :cool:
  8. :roll:
  9. :? Meaning? You saying that people that want to get off the computer and run around shooting people have some issues?

    Azz, I didn't know you actively played (probably not of late with the back and all eh?), I was REALLY wanting to get into woodsball, seems a lot more tactical to me, which i'd prefer.

    As for checking out what we have to offer the US, its normally the other way around, and from what stores i've seen online, it still seems to be that way.
  10. Yeah started playing about 5 years ago but haven't been able to play over the last 6-12 months coz of my broken wrist then my back :mad:

    Just sold all my paintball gear while it was still worth something coz it's going to be a while before I can play paintball again!!

    Booga if you want to get into Woodsball I can recommend some websites, setups, fields, clubs etc. just let me know?!
  11. Jumping to conclusions a bit arn't we?

    He could mean why this guy would want to look at buying stuff here when I'm sure it would be cheaper/more range in the States.