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Paintball team

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MrNinja, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Hi all! I'm tyring to get enough people togeather to form a Skirmish team, to play once a month or so. If any one is interested let me know, just remember you need a gun licence to play. If you don't have one but still would like to play, I can help you get it. Mostlikley won't be playing for another month or two yet :cry: Contact me for more info!


  2. Sounds interesting.

    What's the cost per month going to look like?

    If I commit, I don't have gun licence.
  3. Sounds good, I just paid for the gun licence, now to get the photoshoot done :D
  4. the cost will be per match/day at about $60-70 depending on weather you use tour own marker, and how much paint you fire (@$10/100). I may buy bulk paint to make it cheaper, some feilds don't allow you to BYOP
  5. Keep me posted.

    I may be able to swing something, depending on the cost.
  6. Sounds good. Is this team to go into a competition for the season or something? I hadn't heard of that. Is it just a normal firearms license you need? I have my longarms. Do you play in VIC, or NSW etc as well?

    Can you send me some more information..?
  7. Fling, how hard was it to get a gun license?
  8. Deyago - Easy. A little too easy for comfort actually. The actual license part is (when I did it 4 years ago) just a 2 hour theory lesson and then a multiple choice quiz. There were only 16 questions.

    To book, just ring your local police station or 1300651645 and ask when the next course will be held. I think it costs around the $200 mark. I did my test before the Monash shooting though, which was followed by a change in the laws, so I think this information is correct.

    Download the form here:
  9. It's not that hard to get you licenc Longarms licence is sufficent. I'm trying to find out how to enter the tounements as i would like to compeat as well as just playing "feild ball" (capture the flag, etc) Play where ever people want to play if you wich to go interstate I'm sure it could be organised. If we were to play regularly it would be advantagous if you had your own marker, as you could get used to the way it handles. I intend to purchace my own soon.
  10. sweet, i've got a couple of mates who may be interested too.

    is this match thing with the boys down in franger who play at the carrum (?) field 1st or last sunday of every month?
  11. $20 for the course, the police will practically tell you the answers. If you get any wrong, you're a really dumb idiot, that's how ridiculously easy it is. This is for long firearms, apparently pistols and hand guns are much much harder to get. $190 for the gun licence itself (for 5 years).
  13. The actual handgun license isn't oo hard (you have practical training as well), but new restrictions mean you have to compete regularly in events using each handgun you have. Also it'll take about 12 months before you can purchase one.
  14. I'm in. Got my licence ages ago to play paintball with a bunch of mates that all bailed on the idea, so I'm all ready to play.

    Getting your handgun licence is a lot harder and more expensive then a Cat A Longarm licence which is all you need for paintball, and it's really quite simple.