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Paint Thoughts

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Wallaby, Nov 4, 2012.

  1. Hey all. Have put a new rear fender on my ride so it's time for a paint job. Obviously I want it to match the dark red leather seat and I don't wanna go matte black (becoming a bit standard).

    Would love to hear some ideas...

    Racing stripe?
    Pin striping?
    Who does it in Brisbane?


  2. I'm not a matte fan on any bike or car.

    Gloss black, really dark metallic blue?
    + some braid?
  3. Can't go blue cos brother-in-law has that. What do you mean by braid?
  4. Your front brake hose stands out, but would stand out in a good way if it was stainless steel braided hose.
    Deep maroon would look pretty sweet too for the bike. Even better with gold metallic or pearl.
  5. Yeah... Will look at break line and cables when I get some ape hangers after painting.
    Maroon's not a bad idea. Got a rough quote on paint job today... $1500. Does that sound about right to you?
  6. There's not much to paint, but that should be a reasonable price if they are going to do it properly and rub it down first. I'n no expert in that field though, someone else will be better help.
  7. Blk and white.... Mainly blk surrounding white
    Grips to match the seat, blk out the rear hub and white sidewalls
  8. Hadn't thought of grips to match the seat... Good idea. Had thought of painting the rims to match it too.
  9. There used to be (not sure because I'm now living in mexico) a place called Queensland motorcycle panel & paint on evans rd Salisbury. They painted my 'blade a custom house of kolor tint similar to candy apple red 10 years ago, and they did a top job. I heard later that the guy who painted it died, he was a custom painter and used to do airbrush work etc. I saw his work one year at the storey bridge bike show and decided he'd do the work. the total cost for repair and paintwork (some plastics needed welding) was $1500. work was top shelf. Bottom line is you get what you pay for.
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  10. I've decided to pay a bit more than that (given you had it done 10 years ago I guess it's to be expected) to get Lucky Caleb to do it. Google him... wicked. Totally agree it's worth paying for a great job.
  11. Having just done custom paint on my VFR800 I can tell you the cost will vary dramatically based on how custom you want to go and what type of paint you want i.e. pearls, special effects etc.

    There are not a lot of parts to paint on your bike so If you’re looking at standard colours I would suggest $1500 is about middle of the price range.

    I would suggest you contact any of the custom shops for pricing, although almost any quality painter will be able to do the job. The best thing you can do is have a clear picture of what pant and style you want before shopping.

    Cheers Daniel