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Paint protection?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bambam_101, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I know im being fussy cos its a brand new bike but being black, she shows up all the swirls and minor scuffing. Is there anything out there that can prevent this from happening on to my paint?

    I dont want to use a cut and polish and eat into the paint. Im primarily concerned about the tank as its in my view everytime i ride and to be honest, seeing marks in the paint shits me to tears!!

    I guess im kinda after a polish that wont eat into the paint and leave a film of clear so any swirling from washing or rubbing etc will mark that and not the paint. Any suggestions?


  2. There is a guy who sprays on a protective coating on your bike. I dont have his card on me right now, but I shall look for it and get back to you.
  3. My bike is black and it used to shit me to tears...you can try a decent tank protector but i found it wasn't wide enough, there are also stick on skins available that you apply to the knee indentations to protect the tank there, I bought a pair and they looked shit and were always lifting off...in the end I got a bagster tank cover and tank bag...covers the whole tank, looks decent and the tankbag just unclips so you can use just the cover...come to think of it i have only used the bag maybe 3 times...lol
  4. Use Plexus (plastic polish). It gets rid of all your swirls and with a microfibre cloth, shines the ass off your ride!!

    I use it on aircraft that I fly to get rid of the swirl scratches in the windshield.

  5. A good wax polish or glaze will help a LOT. The best I have tried is 3M Professional Glaze. It's about $30 per bottle and not generally available at shops, but any good hard glaze should do ($15-20 per bottle at car accessory shops)
  6. apply a coat of Meguairs Scratch X and follow by NXT Tech Wax, it works wonder! :)
  7. Paintshield

    I have no ideas what it is, how it works or if it is good, but that is what you were thikning about Pinki? ;)
  8. Yeah Ive used that on my planes before. Never made much of a difference but maybe thats cos the screens on the old cessnas and warriors were already rooted!

    Will give it a shot and if not, try a few others.

  9. I think u are after, dark swirl remover, Its basicly a very very fine cuting compound and then glazing polish.
    I use it in addition to rubbing (cutting) compound when painting dark colours, then glazing polish and some more glazin.

    Go check at your local paint automative supplies place.