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Paint or Not to Paint

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zxr2704, May 29, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Ok here is where i am at, my zxr is light metalic blue and i hate it, I want to paint it yellow, not sure of the seconday color was thinking relex blue or black but dunno yet anyways was looking for thoughts and ideas on how to do it as cheap as humanly possible, I even tried the local tafes and high schools for students looking to do painting projects but with no luck :( they dont that anymore here in wagga, typical LOL. So any ideas or thoughts on my tighta*% cheap paintjob would be great people thanks again.

  2. yellow????

    you're a sick, twisted individual :shock:
  3. It's will just reduce the value for resale. Which considering it's a 250 is important as you'll want to upgrade as soon as possible.
  4. Ok well not sure how giving it a new paintjob will decrease the resale value...: ? ?? new paintjob will increase the resale value. but yes i am upgrading to the zx6r in a few months.

    And yes i am sick and twisted,lol more than i like to admit
  5. Resprayed bikes have usually been thrashed, crashed, etc.

    So if it's been resprayed people think it must have had a really poor life.

    Wait till you upgrade, then respray.
  6. only re spray if you have dropped it and then only go with the stock colours so people think you havent dropped it :p
    if you are upgrading in a matter of months, why bother re spraying?
  7. I agree with the others - repsraying will definately devalue the bike, especially if you do it as cheap as humanly possible.
  8. If you have to; paint it black.
  9. They'll really know that it's had a hard life if it's covered in scratches.

    Most import 250's get resprayed when they his aus anyway so in my opinion it's worth getting it resprayed if it's bad.

    zxr2704 If you find a half decent and cheap place can you pm me me the details because i'm looking at doing the same to mine in the next 6 months
  10. if you have to spray it as cheap as possible do it white, its doesnt show mistakes as much as other colours
  11. not sure i like the whole do it myself paintjob idea i can almsot guarantee i would botch it. Dont want to do that to a kwaka, but what i think i will do is prep the bike for painting myself then get it painted shouls save heaps i think, i hope so what products would be best suited for fixing a couple of cracks and scratches b4 sanding and undercoating.

    And fixing it up because iam keeping it, not selling it when i upgrade keeping it for my nephew who gets his licence in about 8 months and iam giving it to him for Xmas so want it looking smick dont want him to feel the way i did riding that horid blue machine...Gee iam nice. :p uncle of the year award here i come.
  12. zxr2704 If you find a half decent and cheap place can you pm me me the details because i'm looking at doing the same to mine in the next 6 months[/quote]

    Yep sure will no prob at all.
  13. Or bastard brother in law of the year, if his folks don't like bikes! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. :WStupid: ditto.

    or bugger pm'ing... just post it up. i'll be buying a hornet as soon as i get back to oz and i'm not mad about either the blue or yellow that are the most common colours, so any ideas around this very much appreciated. good luck, c x
  15. why do people think i'm painting my hornet?? cause I wanted a red one. and mine is blue. but i wanted a red one.

    the original paint was fine - just wanted a red one!
  16. do it if it makes you feel better. i did it to my zxr. hated the silver and now its green. not cheap and not really worth it when i think about it coz its only a 250
  17. Hey guys,

    Got a question for you. I'm getting a ZX2R in a couple of weeks and am tossing up color.

    One is the factory color Green, White and Blue in pretty good condition and only 10,000km on it. The other is a factory Black and Red with 20,000KM on it. Both bikes are in pretty good condition with the black having just a few more scratches.

    I'm leaning more to the Black/Red but not happy about the mileage. I guess i could go the Green and paint it later. For the dealer to paint it wiill cost me another $1000 which i don't have.

    What do you guys think? Any advice?
  18. If they have both been looked after the km are negligible. Get the one you WANT. :)
  19. Hmmm yeah i suppose they have both been treated well. The dealer also has to do the compliancy checks on them so mechanically they should both be 'ok'.

    Thanks for the advice
  20. I was told I should get a custom paint job on my GPX after I told this person that I'd named her Banshee. I kinda like the idea and am really loathe to hand my bike over to someone else (ie. I don't want to sell her).

    I've had comments from some of you about how good the yellow and purple looks on the GPX and would like to keep the same colours over most of it. Honestly, I don't know if I want to get a custom job, but it's tempting.

    I have no idea what I'd get done. Probably just the same, but replace the "Kawasaki" on the side with Banshee in a cool font.

    That's her there. I've put on a black tank protector since then (she looks a bit like a wasp), but otherwise, she's the same.