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paint jobs?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by peterdep, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. how much would a total respray cost on a honda cbr250rr in melbourne on average?

  2. Depends on amount of prep work required, quality, clear coat, colour choice etc etc..

    But your looking at $700+ for a basic 2pak gloss single colour paint job without clear coat.
  3. spot on

    for something decent looking mettalic some basic graphics plus repairs to your probably screwed fairing decals ect $1200+
  4. I reckon your better off buying a set of ebay fairings... They're only like $550-$600. If you can find them in the colour you want(you probably could, unless you want something out of the ordinary) then you save yourself some coin.

    Alternatively, try doing a paint job yourself? Many people have done so, and even a rattle can job can look half decent. DIY can job normally runs about $150 or so, I reckon it's worth it....

    Just my 2c :wink:
  5. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=107579

    See my photos here...
    ~$4 for sandpaper, 240 wet then 800 wet.
    $7.99 for gloss black enamel - Killrust

    Just took the fairings off, sanded off the several different colours of old paint and primer etc, strung each bit up on the clothes line using bolt holes as lifting points.
    Then sprayed in between the wind :p

    I've seen some guys cover their garage walls in plastic and wear full paint suits/masks to do rattle can jobs
    Usually comes out quite brilliant too

  6. Lots.

    Materials cost a bomb, and respraying (properly) is pretty labor intensive. It is always better to just but a bike that is the colour you want.. But being on your restricted puts you in the same boat (or raft, more accurately) as me as far as choice is concerned.

    Also, respraying is a good way to decrease the value of your bike through suspicion from buyers... But probably not such a concern considering the kind of bike.
  7. $20 in matt black paint, $10 in wet and dry sand paper a few hours of sanding and painting and my race bike was painted...add another 3 cans of yellow for race number background and race number stickers. Total price of $60. You can try a proper job if you have a compressor and gravity spray gun...however it all comes down to your prep work on the fairings before you begin to spray...

    I didn't think it would cost $700+ to get a repsray :shock:...learn something new everyday.