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Paint Job?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mon_4u2c, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Can anyone tell me roughly how much it would cost to just re-spray paint a bike? I've got a Virago so it only needs the front and back and side panels done then the tank

    Does anyone know how much it usually costs to get this done?

  2. on a virago id quote you at about $450

    going rate is about 200-250 per panel

  3. $250 for a 20cm square (approx) panel ? :shock:
  4. Its a cruiser, 2 cans of matt black at $6 each and your done! :LOL:
  5. yep going rate for a respray for a sport bike is about $1000-1500 on the cheaper side and that if u can find somoene who will do it.

    paint aint cheap, its toxic and it needs a shitload of prepin
  6. I was told I would get change from $900 if I was to respray the Gix. That is red with black GT stripes and black bellypan. the red was to have gold and violet metal flakes. There is also some slight damage from a jackasses tow ball that will be fixed.
  7. well it cost more to respray bikes with damage as u have to reseal the old paint otherwise it reacts to the new paint, which u then have to sand which takes lots of time,

    Cheapest iv heard is about 900 for a sport bike , we do it for 600 + repairs ect and i havnt seen anyone who does it cheaper unless they are using rattle cans or acrylic paint.
  8. I'm painting my bike at the moment with aerosols. It's a ton of work but it'll be a lot cheaper. I've gone through about $200 of paint so far, but $150 of that was learning how to get a good finish. I expect by the end it'll probably cost around 3 to 4 hundred in paints + whatever it'll cost to get the wheels powder coated.
  9. I've been told a grand for a full respray of a fully faired bike with stickers, would be a serious favour.

    Bob very kindly beautified my zzr250 when it got some gravel rash on both sides. The cost in paint alone was $250, and there was alot of sanding and prep work required - gives you an idea of why it costs so much at shops! Came out looking like new :grin:
  10. you guys are dreaming.

    A proper (not gino's backyard fully sik hairspray can) job on a sports bike with decals is around $2k mark.

    This takes into account sanding, priming, multiple undercoats, clear coat and re-fitting of panels.

    Also there is the labour fees.

    The Virago would be about $1200 if done proffesionally.
  11. I'll have to remember to tell Pat and the boys at Complete Collision Group that they aren't profesionals cos they only quoted me $900 not $2k. :LOL: Did I forget to mention that they were really disappointed when I said I was only thinking about it. They love doing bikes but only rarely get to paint them. I think they were doing themselves a favour more than me with the cheap quote. :)
  12. thankyou propilot!
  13. Guy's Guy's Guy's, lol. The cost of respraying or touching up any Bike or car etc is always dependant on condition of panel work IE: dents, crazed ,scratched paint work,Bodgy previous repairs, Colours involved etc.
    Then you also have to take into account labour to dissasemble and reassemble bike, Some are simple(such as most cruisers) then some are not. Also a lot of bikes have multiple colours on them which requires painting one colour, waiting for that to dry then masking off that area, before applying next colour and so on until all colour coats have been applied. Once all colours have been applied then you have to clear coat panels.

    Keep in mind that most newish bikes have pearl or mica paint which in most case uses a base colour then several layers of a semi transparent top coat before clearing over once again IE: Phizog's ZZR.

    I personaly will never Quote a bike car or any other paint work with out first seeing the vehicle.

    As far as cost goes, even for a single colour mettalic or pearl, materials alone would generally be around $400 in 2K then add on labour etc so something like a Virago would end up costing somewhere in the vicinity of $700-$900.

    Cheers Bob ( i think i qualify as a proffesional 24 years as vehicle painter tradesman ) lol
  14. How much do you you estimate it would cost for a 98 CBR 900, with all panels removed and primed/prepped?
  15. $200.....for me :p
    we have a spray booth, with built in spraypainter dude :cool:
  16. Lmfao Joel :LOL: :shock:
  17. My paintjob on my 94 CBR 600f cost me
    $70 for paint
    $6 of coke
    $50 whisky
    A few hours of my life
    Yea yea i hear you snigger....it does look good if you step back a few feet........

    And close your eyes.........
  18. Hey Bob,

    I am nearly finished acquiring the parts needed to custom paint my hornet and I would love it if you could display ya work on my parts :LOL: :LOL:

    It's only front fender, tank, seat cowl and wheel spokes and will be in parts when (and if you accept) get 'em.

    I gotta work out the scheme, but I am almost decided.

  19. Painting a virago would be heaps easy. Spend your time on it with some spray cans and you'd get a good enough finish. Just make sure you have enough paint and prep it first.

    Good prep work dictates the final finish.

    I've been told by a spraypainter dude (friend of a friend type of thing) that he'd paint a CAR for $500 and cost of materials. I imagine a bike would be alot cheaper :-O
  20. Mate all i have to say is you get what you pay for .
    Im not looking for work lmao, im simply pointing out why things cost what they do!!!