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paint job?? will it devalue me bike??

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by the new guy, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. howdy all
    just wondering, im wanting to respray
    my bike a different colour as im getn a little bored with
    the current colours and its got a ding in the tank anyway
    willit devalue it because it isnt the original colour anymore???

    cheers Ben
  2. If its got a ding in the tank it devalued anyway.
    The reason for resprays causing devaluation is that people asume its been crashed (which is correct in this case)

    2000 model is it?
    I guess at 6 years old its not going to make a huge difference, as long as its not gay looking. But respray is never going to be worth as much as perfect original, might only be $500 difference though, or nothing if the buyer couldnt care about such petty things.
  3. Another angle is that you also generally won't recover any of the cash invested in the respray (good paint jobs don't come cheap,... even lousy ones for that matter) when it comes time to resell. So, if you're bored with ur current ride in any way, perhaps ur money would be better of invested elsewhere.... ??? polish the rims maybe??? much cheaper!

    Just my 2 cents....
  4. thanks for the input guys
    ive got a panel beater mate who will repairing the tank and will be painting it
    and have a contact with a paint supplier
    so cost isnt much of a factor.
    i want to keep the rims black as im not a fan of
    polished parts yet

    does anyone have any pics
    of custom paintjobs just to get an
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  6. cheers fireblade
    they got some crazy custom airbrushing

    but a little too out there for me
    as il prolli drop my bike at some

    anyone good at photo shop as im really not good at it
    i just want to change the blue to orange and some of the gloss black to matt
  7. oh man those bikes are awsome i wouldnt mind doing that to my bike
  8. I'd love to do that to my bike but I'll wait til I get my next one coz that'll be next year... I still don't know if I'll turn the baby blade into a track bike or just give it to my cousin??

    I definitely want a custom paintjob on my next bike :cool:
  9. YES.

    When I look through the bike classified mags and see non-standard paint jobs on recent bikes (seems to be lots of R1's), I can't help but think 'Crashed!'. But that's just me, do what you like.

    Still, they often sell for cheaper because most actually have been crashed.

    Why not buy some cheap race glass and paint that? Then you can turn the bike back to standard (if you have a spare tank) when it comes time to sell.
  10. I'm pretty average with photoshop, and I couldn't find a decent pic of your bike, here is one I found on the internet:


    and after a dodgy attempt:

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  12. have thought about this
    but havent seen any cheap race glass around in Adelaide
    what are they worth usually?? round 600ish

    Holster that looks pretty good can you do this one
    would like the black to orange and the yellow to black
    and black frame
    and also can get rid of the rear fneder aswel please

    cheers Ben
  13. Should put that pic of your bike in a Photoshop thread and see what comes of it... it'd be interesting at the very least :wink:
  14. here is a quick one:
  15. nice Holster lets keep em coming
    can you go a little bit more intense(brighter/fuller) with the orange
    and the fornt hugger black

    ill will prolly post up on the media section aswel see what anyone else comes up with but feel free to keep goin with it
    awesome stuff
  16. [img:600:343:0ccbba41c6]http://forum.zgeek.com/gallery/files/9/3/1/20020201bikepics18390brighter.jpg[/img:0ccbba41c6]
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  19. yes
    the rizzla colours look great
    ive got some more if you wanna see em