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Paint Issue

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by NothingExpert, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. So I'm having an inexplicable issue with what I think is the clearcoat on the tank of my Virago. I rarely have anything on the tank (put a tank bag on there a few times but it gets in the way with such a slim tank). As you can see below the paint has become marbled in places and has lost its gloss. It is still smooth to touch. Can anyone suggest a fix that doesn't involve a complete respray? I've tried cut and polish which made it look a little better but did not solve the problem completely. Would I have a warranty claim here? The bike is only 12 months old. Yes it's been a commuter and I've put 16 grand on it in a year but it's been cleaned regularly. The dealer has never commented on the problem, but why would they?

  2. It is hard to tell the surface of the tank from your photo because the flash overpowers things visually.
    Taking a photo of a shiny surface without the flash will give a smoother image, though your best results will be from a good camera rather than a phone or smartsomething and the best lighting is an overcast outdoors daylight. Reflections are tricky to photograph.

    If a cut and polish improved it, then that suggests it is surface damage after all.
    My leathers have affected the side of my tank just a bit. I suppose shiny surfaces have a tendency to mark.

    no pigs were eaten in this posting.
  3. When I say that cut and polish made it look a little better, I mean a very little. I will try to get a better photo but its not in the easiest spot, both lighting and access wise. You can actually see the problem completely in the photo (its the white smudges on the very outer perimeter of the flash reflection) But yes, the flash does make it look white rather than the matte black it looks naturally.

    I appreciate the reply btw
  4. As above, need better pics to give an accurate answer and resolution

    However in the interim, you said you gave it a "cut and polish" exactly what did you use? There is a vast difference between what most people think is a polishing product and what is actually a product that will correct surface imperfections and truly polish the surface

  5. Paint problems can arise long after the paint was laid.
    Getting warranty on paint work down the track isn't going to be easy unless quite a few of the same had the same problem... "Known problem"
    Otherwise they will say crap sprayed up from the road and not their fault.
    To be certain it was a contamination problem form the factory the onus will be on you to prove it.
    I think Du Pont has the only proper paint xray that can tell what you need to know. It can tell depth to the micron and will tell if it's an up from the base coat problem or a clear coat down....Most flat colours don't have a dedicated clear coat either...or your plastics.
    All the metallic's do though, as that's where the metal flake is. Unless we are talking a candy coat or the like