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Paint/graffiti on the rd.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Just a quick question. If someone uses the normal spray paint cans (waterproof stuff got from the hardware store) to write something on the rd such as an objection to something (like the hill at Kilcunda with the anti-Desal plant slogan) would that paint on the rd create a possible slipperiness/hazard to motorcyclists?

  2. Maybe just a little, but one layer of pain sprayed on is usually pretty thin ...

    A while back I was talking to a track instructor, who was telling me about the way grip works, damned if I can remember but it wasn't necessarily the 'roughness' that was all important, although it's certainly a factor.

    Anyone know more?
  3. I tend to agree, although with no more concrete <groan> information.

    Paging Joel :LOL:
  4. Rosie ! :shock: I'm dissapointed ...[-X
    thought you'd have outgrown those hooligan days long ago :LOL:
  5. Or at least had the sense not to talk about doing something illegal on a public forum :p
  6. Painted messages usually appear on the roads around here every year when they have the big cycling race. Fairly sure last year they actually caught a few and charged them, along with fining them the cost of resurfacing the roads. The cops certainly do consider it as reducing the grip on the road surface, just like deliberately putting oil on the road. If you must write something use chalk.
  7. I'm sure she's just concerned for her own safety after encountering local hooligans spraypainting roads, not doing it herself ;)
  8. i'm not sure about bitumen, but at skateparks when there is paint, it gets kinda slippery.

    if it has rained, it is really slippery. but it is on a different kind of cement so im not sure
  9. Point of order. A skate park would be made of concrete and cement is one of the ingredients used to manufacture concrete.

    Kind of like calling Bitumen Tar which winds up Joel nicely.
  10. lol..don't go jumping to conclusions. It's just something I've always wondered about since seeing all the anti-desal slogans on the rds around here. :p
  11. It's better than stringing a banner across the road at neck-height...
  12. i dont know if my mind is being tricked from the visual appearnace but there are roads in sydney that have 10metres of stripes painted on them leading up to pedestrian crossings. they feel slippery and almost bumpy
  13. (From a physics point of view) If the road is very smooth to begin with, it might change things (particularly when wet), but if the road is already fairly rough, the thin layer of paint isn't going to make much of a difference as most of the grip is coming from the roughness of the road and the tyre.
  14. if you were the first to come across their artwork, traction would be reduced, though only very marginally. 1 or 2 passes of a rubber tyre would buff the exposed aggregate enough to reinstate full grip.
    white lines etc. are done with a bullshit-resilient modified paint :)
  15. Does that include the paint used when you see the big yellow and while 40km/h squares on the road around schools?
  16. I don't think you're imagining it, ColRR. I was riding over them and they did feel "bumpy" - could be because of the CBR125's tyres? But it DID feel bumpy to me.
  17. You're not imagining things - Sometimes lines painted perpendicular to the road are painted on extra-thick to be used as "tactile markers" to tell you to slow down/wake up by sshhaakkiinngg yyoouu ttoo ppiieecceess eevveenn iiff yyoouu ssllooww ddoowwnn.
  18. it could be worse. it could be so much fcuking worse
  19. they arent paint, they are thermoplastics. and yes, they are meant to be raised, to slow you down.
  20. Thanks Joel. :grin: