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paint cracks on fairing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Willzah, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. i droped me cbr250 a while back and it didnt do much damage. I manage to make a 2 spider web like cracks on the fairing but it doesnt seem to go to the other side. i think its just the paint. i wondering if this will make the paint peel off. i will try to get some photos tmr its too dark now

  2. No it wont
  3. Heres what they look like


    im just worried that the middle bit a small bit of paint might chip off.

    is there any kind of plastic putty or something i could use, i know its not gona make it go away, but just to fill the gap so dirt doesnt build up in there?
  4. just get some superglue and drip it in there running it along the cracks.
  5. does anyone know which superglue dries clear, i know some dry yellowish. some of the applicator tips look quite large so is there any like needle size?
  6. go to super cheap auto and get a spray adhesive. spray it on then use a razor and carefully scrape the glue around it off. i did this for my bike and know i dont even see the crack as its covered great
  7. hmmm might give that a go...but im no good with a razor every time i use it to take sticky labels off stuff i scratch it ....guess gona tape it up real good..
  8. either
    A - use super glue.
    B - wax the crap out of it a few times to fill it in.
    C - dont worry and go have a beer.
  9. spray on wax work?
  10. most spray on waxs' are a cleaner / wax that you use if you have a bike / car that never tends to see the light of day and you have it at a show. you see people at the motor show spraying it all over anything that is painted..
    you want a solid wax. my personal favourate is meguires yellow wax. is in a round black tub and usually has an applicator pad on top.. the trick is not to use the pad as they crap up after one use and a tub of this stuff will do a large car about 5 or 6 times. use a strip of an old shirt to put it on.. layer it up quite thick and leave it for about 20 mins. another piece of shirt to get it off. do that about 3 times.. and just for the hell of it why not do the whole bike.
    take note though that this will fill the cracks to a degree and wont last forever as it is wax and will wear away. if you're up for getting the fairings off and as it seems are a bit worried you probably should and then do the super glue job. with the fairing on a bench or similar you will be able to carefully run the glue into the cracks. it moves pretty quick so fills pretty good. again due to the fact it it brittle it will not last forever. so why not give the glue a go and a few days later put the wax over the top. its an artform to mask damage without removing it but worth a go..
    and DO NOT use tape. it will attract the glue and really make a mess of it.
    if you can get to a hobby shop try to find some glue called ZAP. its a super glue that has a little needle on the end to apply for fine work. have a test on some piece of plastic first to see how it runs as it moves kind of fast.
    be patient and only do it when you want to because if you've got the shits from a bad ride home the movement in you hands could stuff it up.
    let us know how it goes.
    good luck. im sure you can sort it out.
  11. Hmmm do they come in small tubs? i dont partically wana wax my cage... hardly use it needs a paint job so its useless. i'll pop into auto-barn when the weather isnt so cold. i'll look into superglue.... i think i might be able to get a fine syringe, gota a mate that works in a research lab. while i organise it i think im gona go with option c for now
  12. option c is good.. although be careful using a syringe as when you put the glue in, it wil probably dry as it contacts the air. the tub i speak of isnt huge it just goes a long way and if you dont use it, it lasts for years sealed up.
    anyway see how you go.
  13. i went into autobarn today they had the maguires wax but it was yellow; reading it said it didnt dry white. i didnt get that thinking it make the cracks stand out like someone peed on my bike.

    i managed to obtain a wax chipstick from a friend, comes with a car wash soap. how do i use it i tried running it over it and wiping it away the excess but that didnt work all too well. i think im going to superglue it, when i get some free time. i started to notice dirt sticking in there...might get a sewing needle to get it out or is there something better
  14. yeah its yellow but dries clear. most waxes are coloured. the super glue is the best way and yes clean it our first. you just need to be careful when gluing, and fairings off if you can....
    then wax it.. even if a mate (or you) have some liquid stuff, like turtle wax, it'll help.
    patience young skywalker