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Paint Colour Code - blue 98 Suzuki GSX750F

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by backmarker, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. I'm repairing a side fairing of my 1998 Suzuki gsx750f, and I'm struggling to find the paint code for it. It's a blue metallic paint. I rang my local Suzuki dealer and they say that Suzuki (and Yamaha - they sell them too) don't tell them the colour code, as Suzuki would rather sell people a new fairing panel. :eek: Well, that's not going to happen! :?

    Does anyone know if there is a way of getting the paint code?

    Alternatively, does anyone have any experience in getting paint made up by taking a panel in, and how was the result?

    And any recommendations in Adelaide?

    Thanks! :grin:
  2. Gday

    There arnt many paint codes.
    Even if there were they would be useless because they are only specific to the paint manufacturer.

    What u want is a colour match done by someone in a auto paint store.
    Generaly they are about 75-90 percent spot on. Depending what type of paint used. Most of the time painter blend in a colour slowly so even thou its diffrent its barely noticable.

    Handy hint do not ever give them a colour sample on a cloudy day, done right colours need to be matched in the sun.

    BTW some paint companies did have colour codes for bikes glasrit and spies and heckler, maybe be worth a phone call at least. (to their outlets or websites) but i find them next to useless and just go with sight. Unless im doing a Kawasaki.
    Anyone who sells Protect, Concept, PPG(not 100%) wont have bike codes.

    Edit DE beer paint have a bike code bock.