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paint chipped, need advice!!?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by prise, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. hi

    i just noticed a few small chips in the paint of my fuel tank (about 2-3 mm wide) on my yzf-r6 07. i think it happened when i dropped my keys on the tank!?

    i am looking for advice. as the chips are down to the metal does this mean i will need to get the whole tank resprayed to get it repaired? if not how is this fixed? can anyone recommend someone or somewhere to get this fixed properly and how much would it usually cost to get this fixed

  2. Hi there and welcome aboard

  3. Look for paint touch ups, and it probably wont cost more than $50 if u go to there wherevr they are
  4. paint touch ups

    is there a way to touch it up so it looks like a smooth finish or will this just diguise the chips?

  5. depending on the colour....you will most likely need to fill the chips up with fine filler,blend colour around the area and reclear over the whole tank
  6. Re: paint touch ups

    No take it to one of them blokes with a van full of auto paints.
    He needs a few hours with it but gets it right, youd have to ask him if its gona be really smooth, but his mision will be to disguise the chip and no you dont have to reclear the whole tank -
  7. id like to see him touch up and candy job without a reclear and it being faultless
  8. Well scratch yours up and give him a ring

    they do put clear on though, just on the effected area and give it a slight buff to smooth it over.
  9. the easiest/cheapest way to do it is match the paint in solid fill the chip then sand cut and polish it smooth.

    +1 thats not guna work too well with candies but wont be too noticible either

    Shoudnt cost too much for someone that specialises in that sort of thing.
  10. yeah no worries....then it shrinks back a few months down the track and leaves a frosty ring around the area....ok if your selling it...but when its someones pride and joy its a diffrent story