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paint and stickers on helmets- Why Not

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pil, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. Can someone please explain why ya not suppose to do either and dont just say the helmet told me so, I need factual proof to ease my slow witted mind.

  2. Because some of the adhesives may eat into the helmet compromising structual integrity!

    It may eat the the "housing" then let water in, then mould will grow around the polyurethane. . . . This will lead to "stinky head" disease!
  3. How about you read the MRH - the thing you had to read to pass your motorcycle course!!!

    ****EXTRACT FROM MRH****
    the best way to clean a helmet is with soapy
    warm water
    • never use petrol, (or any other petroleum
    product) on any helmet as they can weaken
    it (this is especially true of helmets with a
    polycarbonate shell) or on any internal
    • do not use paint, or stickers on your helmet
    as they may weaken the shell.

    It says so!
  4. it protects ya head, so i figure "because they say so" is good enough reason for me :roll:
  5. Unless you wear a purrple cannon ball painted black, then its safe as houses :)
  6. whats wrong with my purple ball painted black, i think it looks rool cool
  7. Hmm, personally I always thought it was a crock and as such have a green "Tonik" (surf brand) sticker on my helmet which matches my green meanie baby ninja :cool:

    I fail to see how something that is meant to protect your brain could be so fragile that some water based glue on a bumper sticker is going to damage its chemical and/or structural integrity ... oh well, guess I am taking my chances :p

  8. If you typre something like "Painting motorcycle helmets" into a search engine you will find what you should and should not be doing.
    Some paints will not affect a helmet shell, these are the ones that pro design helmet painters use.

    Now with the sticker issue...well the Aussie standard sticker on the back of the outside of the helmet is put on with some seriously strong adhesive...so I don't believe that a normal sticker is going to do any damage at all.

    And lots of helmet logo's are stuck on also.
    Like the one I removed from my MDS Carbon Black full face.

    Some research of your own on the Internet will doubtless settle any worries you have.
  9. As previously said the solvents in the paint or adhesive on the stickers can eat away and weaken the outer skin of the helmet. Some paints and stickers ar edesigned for helmets (like the AS stickers).

    If you value your head you will ensure whatever you do to your helmet wont affect it, if you don't value your head then feel free to paint or stick anything you want on it :p

    Remember your helmet is the only thing between your skull (and the brain inside) and the kerb or pole you're sliding towards at the time......
  10. WTF is a "MRH"... This is the second time I haven't known what an acronym is today. :roll: :cry:

    & why did I need it to pass?
  11. Why risk painting/stickering your helmet? It is only your protection on your bike. Just put a sticker something else!
  12. [gratuitious idiocy]

    The paint isn't the main risk. The real problem is the coarse sanding you need to do first to get rid of the existing gloss coat. Not only does it weaken the helmet, if you use wet-or-dry paper, the lining gets soaked and the helmet is uncomfortable.

    Under Australian conditions, you can't beat Wattyl Solagard. Best of all, your helmet gets a ten-year guarantee against repainting, so if you do slide down the road they'll give you a fresh can for free.

    In honor of the bloke who's tested this guarantee the most times, they've named a Solagard product after him...


    [/gratuitous idiocy]
  13. The key here is petroleum based cleaners or oil based paints. Stickers do diddly squat but as with all warnings they have to err on the side of safety and mitigate any chance of being sued. Having said that I have run stickers on most my helmets from AGV,Arai, Bell, MDS & Suomy and have never had any structural damage of the outershell occur. My Old AGV was coated in skate stickers from new and had some of them on for it's life span(about 3.5-4yrs) when retiring the helmet I peeled most of these off and other then what was underneath looking brighter then the rest of the helmet, nothing had changed. So go for your life with stickers but dont go paining it with that can of engine enamel in the shed :)

  14. I'm guessing (and I'm not Sherlock Holmes) that it means Motorcycle Riders Handbook. :LOL:
  15. Yep - straight from the RTA website - Do you need to know the meaning of RTA - lol
  16. Ok..for those who are really interested in what a pro helmet painter has to say about the process go to the web addy below.

    After reading her info you will know more than most about painting helmets.

    She is one of the top helmet painters in the UK and I featured her work in an article I did for an American bike magazine last year. :cool:

  17. I know CAMS brought out special stickers a while ago which were low acid or similar, to put on people's racing helmets. Its something that i would be careful of. Thats said a good fibre/carbon fibre helemt with a painted cover, should be able to stand stickers, (though as somebody mentioned sanding to paint it may not be such a good idea).

    Also the people saying i had stickers and never saw a change, unless you checked at a chemical level the helmet material may have been weekend by teh sticker material. This may not show up visually.

    Its a matter of being careful, eg people saying no stickers, as its better to not have stickes than to have a sticker and have the helmet fail in accident?
  18. You mean "better safe than sorry"
    Didn't netrider release a sticker for your helmet that is safe? I am sure i read something about that in another topic/post!
  19. This might be of interest to some people:

    That lady who paints helmets actually painted my mate Ferryman's black leather bike jacket.
    Was a picture of Charon on the river Styx.

    Leather jacket painting is not something I have seen in Oz but many riders in the UK have it done now as an alternative to having designs sewn onto their jackets.
    I asked him how the picture had lasted in terms of rain, UV and climatic conditions.
    He laughed and said UV was not a problem in London...but that the picture still looked as good as new five years later.

    Here is a site with info about jacket painting:
  20. Did you check at a chemical level last time your helmet was shat on by a bird, not to mention constantly riding in petrochemical based emissions and polution?

    Caution is one thing but a sticker destroying your helmet ... I doubt it!