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Painful Leather Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by matt man, May 9, 2013.

  1. Hey guys, I recently bought a pair of Alpinestars GP plus leather pants and some SMX plus boots for the longer weekend rides around the twisties. The boots are great and am looking forward to going on some proper rides with them. The problem is that after the first test ride in the pants, something began to dig into the top of my knee caps and became very annoying and painful.

    I found out that the problem is coming from the seams that attach the knee pad pocket to the inner lining of the pants, if that makes sense. So esentially, the knee pads are sitting low and not fully covering the tops of my knees when in the riding position.

    So my question is, will the pants become more comfortable with use and strech a bit to fit my legs or am I going to be stuck with rashes above my knee caps whenever I ride? This is my first pair of leather pants so I cannot compare them to anything. Also, the zippers that attaches the pants to my alpinestars Jacket are different lengths. Is this a minor issues or is it a problem.

    Pants are a 48 and jacket is a 50 Euro sizing.
  2. Have you tried wearing something underneath the leathers (eg. skins, thermals etc)?
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  3. I was going to try that but im not hopeful. There's not much room left underneath the leathers. When in the riding position there is a lot of pressure on my knees as well. Is that normal or is my sizing off?
  4. It doesn't sound like the sizing is off so much as you being a different shape from what the pants were made for. More specifically, if the knee armour is sitting too low relative to your knee it indicates that you may have longer thighs or a lower waist than the factory's model. Or your bike has a different riding position from the generic compromise. If your legs are less bent and tucked up than the manufacturer expected. Quite possible given that your bike's a Ninja 300 and the pants may be designed for something more sporting.

    It's difficult to know what to suggest. Leather does give and mould itself to your shape over time but the changes are, at best, a few millimeters. If the knee armour is in the wrong place now, it'll probably still be in the wrong place a year down the track. You could try taking the armour out and see if that helps. Obviously it means riding without armoured knees but many people do that anyway and you will still have the layer of leather. Longer term, you may be able to get someone to move the armour pocket up a bit. If it's only in the lining it's not too specialst a job.

    Or you could take them back or sell them and try a different brand which might be a different shape.
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  5. 1. I'd try to exchange them for something different.
    2. you can get zips altered if you want to
    3. You can get leathers altered if you want to.

    I guess you need to figure out which is the cheapest option. May guess is you've forked a fair bit for the jacket and pants, so you really want something that is comfortable, even if that means just spending a little more.
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  6. Thanks for all the different options. I took out the Knee armour and that made them feel A LOT more comfortable, but I spent the money on these leathers for the extra protection and dont feel I should have to settle for less. I'll go back to the dealers and see what they say. Otherwise i'll keep riding in them for a bit and see how they go once i get use to them. Apparently Alpinestar offer three lengths of leather pants so I might ask about that as well.
  7. My knees chafe in my dainese 2piece suit. Skins have made a world of difference! Can't recommend wearing something similar enough.
  8. You should def use skins under leathers. Also, you could grab some leather conditioner and go nuts. It should soften quite a bit.
  9. Get some tailor made and you will never have an issue.
  10. Sounds like the issue is incorrect waist to knee length rather than wearing skins. I would say get them altered or sell them.
  11. I ended up going back to the dealership and exchanged them for the next size up and they are a fair bit more comfortable now. They still fit pretty tight around the legs and waist but now I have a bit more room for my knees as well. I went on a ride through Healsville today and they felt fine. Thanks again for the tips, I might have to look into skins as well.

    Where can you get tailor made motorcycle leathers?
  12. I agree with PatB, you may have the wrong size, maybe try on some different brands of leathers to see if the style or cut is different. If you are an unusual shape you may have to have some leathers custom made.

    Leathers do wear in and will be come softer in time with use, however this may not help you.

    Good luck
    Chris (y)
  13. Can't help you with Victoria, mine came from Walden Miller in Adelaide, they fit like a second skin.
    Check em out online maybe.
  14. Walden Miller and Tiger Angel are the two main names that spring to mind in Australia, along with half a dozen reputable outfits in the US and UK who will make to your ow measurements. There are a few cheapy internet only companies who also offer the service who may or may not produce gear to an acceptable standard. Without a personal recommendation or a look at their products it's pot luck as to what you'd get.
  15. Posts crossed. Just on the point of style or cut, it's worth remembering that in garment manufacture (and, when all is said and done, bike leathers are just a specialised version of it) two articles of clothing, made from identical patterns but cut from different batches of material and assembled by different machinists, can have totally different fit and feel. Tailoring is far more art than exact science and I have the utmost respect for anyone who can do it well. It is more astonishing, and a testament to the skills of the manufacturers, that so much off the peg gear fits so many people acceptably than that some of it doesn't.
  16. sometimes my leather panty's chafe around the nogozone
  17. C'mon Uncle Greg - it's obvious you're lying. As if there's any such thing as a nogozone with you..