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Pain is putting me off the bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by ViffeRod, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. Hi all I have a problem!
    I've just got back into bikes again after a break of about 20 odd years. Back in the day I use to ride dirt bikes and sports/tourers. Now I'm back into it I have bought my dream bike, 1986 VFR750 (white one) to restore and also have a Kawasaki ER5 to ride around on. Problem is that whenever I ride the ER5 for more than 45mins I get really bad cramps in my inner thigh/groin area. If I stretch my legs out straight the cramping goes away for awhile and then returns. I'm feeling light I'm to crouched up and it's really putting me off. I am 5'10" and weigh about 87kg. I'm thinking that another maybe taller bike might help me out. Maybe a bandit or BMW gs or something like that. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I'm loving being back on the road and hope I can continue!

  2. Tried standing up every now and again, works on my old muscles
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  4. Buy a cruiser

    Note : since i got my L s about 4 months
    Ago i shudnt give that advice but

    Buy a grown up bike
  5. Are you ****in serious ?
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  6. I'm mid 30's, and in pretty good shape, fit etc. I get cramps in the legs and my knee fills with fluid (old footy injury) after an hour or so riding my VFR800. If it's happening to me I would have thought it's pretty common? So, yeah, I think you are on to something with a 'taller bike'. Personally, I'll probably go to a more 'comfy' :) bike next with less knee bend and an upright seating position.
  7. My old boy went through the same (though he started back on a BMW lol... comfort plus).
    He had to get the weights out and spend a few weeks limbering up some long untested muscles. Had no problem since with the groin etc but has since hurt his elbow and thats put him off the bike for a bit.

    Itll take a bit to adapt to it again, it does for everyone.
    Give it a few months, if still sore, try something different.
  8. Lol yeah
    Kick back relax and cruise
    Leave the boy racing stuff for
    The kids
  9. I had a '87 VFR and even back then I got a lot of cramps riding it. The Speed Triple that followed was better but I still got them. Since I got my (first) KTM 950SM I haven't had any cramps.
    It's all in the riding position IMO. Any of the tall adventure or monster motard models will be better for you than a sporty. There's a lot of variety available, doesn't have to be a tourer. 5'!0" is enough to get both your feet down, if not completely flat. Something like a 1050 Tiger maybe?
  10. Maybe get a stretching routine going?

    Who knows, could help.
  11. Great replies so far, thanks heaps. Was thinking about going down the cruiser path (xvs1100) but just got back from a ride up thunderbolts way following the brother in law on his Vulcan and it just seemed so unnatural trying to get round all those twisties. Think I might start sitting on a few different types and see what suits. Cheers.
  12. from left field, what's the suspension like? you could be carrying too much weight on your legs to compensate for it. might be getting a bit tired on an er5.
  13. I'm 5' 10", 85Kg and, at 57, neither fit nor flexible, particularly as I've got 3 vertebra fused in my neck, but I find the riding position on the Across extremely comfortable. Looking at the ER5 I can't see the riding position being too different?

    Dunno what to suggest, just saying that maybe you can find a solution without giving up the bike? Maybe a bit more salt in your diet?

  14. Wheel chairs are comffy.
  15. Your only as old as you want to be....

    exercise is your answer...not weights, but swimming, jogging, ice skating/ roller blading ( done properly good for the legs, ankles, flexability, balance [hockey tragic here] ) and dare I say it....pushbike riding, to name a few

    I'm only 57 and I hope to be dead before I have to suffer the indignity of having to ride a sloppy barge cruiser.
  16. +1

    There's fit... and there's there's bike fit. A few years ago when I first got on the CBR my lower back and wrists were killing me, but now everything has strengthened up and I've grown accustomed to it. (I'm only 29 and reasonably fit)

    Maybe look into physiotherapy or personal training tailored to riding?
  17. When I first got on a bike (dirt) I started to get pain in my hips after about an hour. By the end of the day I was in agony, almost to the point where I couldn't walk. Tried again a week late, same result, but not quite as bad. Next time I went out, nowhere near as bad, and then it stopped happening altogether.

    I had a break from riding for about 6 months until I went for my L's and it happened again for a couple of days, but it seems to be good now.

    My guess is there's some ligaments that get stretched into positions I'm not used to, but once they're stretched out and I get used to it, no problem.

    Not sure if that applies to you, but maybe it will sort itself out.

    Alternatively, you could try asking around for an "inner thigh/groin massage"? Might be a few takers around the place ;)
  18. A couple of points..
    Firstly, you need to find out exactly where your body hurts and then seek physio advice on why it hurts what to do rectify the issue. Just getting fit may not solve all your probs. You need to target the problem areas.
    I once had a sore upper back/shoulder after long rides. I went to a physio and explained the situation. He told me that he couldn't do anything for me now and to make another appointment and come back on the bike. He didn't charge me for that consultation. The next consultation was in his car park on the bike. He studied on how I sat on the bike etc and he found that when I held the throttle on I was leaning slightly down to the right and putting pressure on that side of my body. I just changed my riding style slightly and have been great ever since.
    Secondly, nerves can cause you to tense up and stress muscles as well a dehydrating you and using up salt reserves. Getting on a bike after many years may be stressing (in a good way) you a bit.
    :):):) try drinking a six pack before your next ride and see if that helps.
  19. Try fitting an 'Air Hawk' seat cushion.
    makes heaps of difference regarding comfort, and if you get another bike, just transfer it onto that one.

    Best dollars I have spent on any of my bikes.
  20. Cramp like that is because your muscles are in the wrong degree of stretch (ie the position that your in doesn't fit you).

    One relatively cheap solution is get something like an Airhawk and elevate your position by inflating it to different levels. It will change the angle of your legs and may alleviate the problem. Helps your arse numbness too on long rides. I have a Ninja 650 (2012) so has similar ergonomics but I am taller and don't have the same cramping issues.

    Cheers Spocky