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Pain between shoulder blades on sports bike?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by chicken78, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I tried everything today going up through alot of windy roads, supporting my weight on the pegs, keeping upper body relaxed etc..But I keep getting this really bad pain between my shoulders blades and its giving me the $$$s..

    Any ideas? positioning etc?
  2. Someone put a knife in there? :p Is it only when riding? Roll a towel, place it between the blades and breathe deep for 15 mins
  3. More than likely lol

    Just when Im riding
  4. Hmm sounds like hyosungitis!, where cheap build and ergonomics causes tension in the shoulders. :p
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    Chicken - probly nothing you don't already know but I did notice you were leaning a bit to the left when behind you in Warby today, almost like compensating for something...makes sense now

    Roll up a towel as said and lie in the floor on your back with it under your spine for 10 mins

    Stretching while there(remove towel) will also help - keep shoulders flat whilst swinging 1 leg over the other in turn will also help loosen things up a little (its easier to demonstrate than explain so I apologise if this makes no sense)
  6. yep, I was in the hurt box at warby :( had to constantly move around to keep it from being so bad, might see the physio too i think
  7. It's the victorian government putting a knife in your back :)

    Go for a couple more rides and see if it happens all the time ..
    Yea chiropractor could be the go but $$$$$$
  8. Its happened the last 3-4 rides progessively worse, Ill see how it goes this w/end
  9. physio might be better than a chiro.
    you could strengthen up your back and abs but its not a short term fix.
    tried stomp grip or techspec to get a bit more support from your legs?
    heli bars as a last resort.
  10. This is why im baffled my core strength, back strength and abs are all strong, Im in the gym all the time.

    Can you explain to this muppet "stomp grip" and "techspec"? :D
  11. i can recommend this toothpick of a woman whos hands are like concrete, she'll manipulate and release tension in your muscles, but she is in essendon. Had a mate who's fit as but had a bad back problem, fixed him in 2 visits, no crakcing the back none of that shite, and sorry, no happy ending
  12. Yeah i got nothing, but I'd be happy to take a look at it for you
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  13. :rofl:

    (and fixed)
  14. Thanks chef ;)

    I tried to think of everything, hand position on the grips, handlebars, upper body sitting to low, pegs need adjusting...dunno Got the bike to staffords for a service this arvo, felt like a cripple at the end.
  15. And BAM! someones in fine form tonight ;)
  16. Have you tried stretching before you jump on? Like holding your hands together behind your back and pushing your chest forward and holding your arms over your head with hands together. Might help a little.
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  18. See a chiro. You might have some discs out of alignment and you're compensating by using the back muscles, which get strained.
    The fact that the pain's not going away, that it's getting worse and that it happens predictably on the bike should tell you that something's wrong.
    Don't f&ck around asking medical advice from bike riders, see a professional.
  19. As mentioned previously in a few posts, try the 'towel' stretches before you see a physio.
    The following seems to fix any back pain I ever encounter (and was shown to me by a physio, so it's obviously legit :p):

    1) Fold a towel in half horizontally and roll it as tight as you can.
    2) Position the towel so it is running across your tail bone (perpendicular to the spine) as you are laying on your back.
    3) Move your arms back behind your head and hold for ten seconds.
    4) Slide the towel up a few centimetres and repeat the above step.
    5) Continue up your back until you have reached your neck.

    It's a f**king amazing stretch that will re-align all the muscles and vertebrae in your back :p
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  20. I agree. Don't stuff around trying to find ways to relieve it. I tried that with my back, and it doesn't fix the problem. Get it fixed - you owe yourself a solution, not a work-around.

    I went to a normal chiropractor and he and his associates couldn't fix my issues. I went to a couple of physios and their exercises only flared it up worse because the underlying issues weren't corrected.

    In the end, my chiro-student friend convinced me to see a chiro who is trained in Gonstead techniques. The guy who I saw took xrays so he could actually see what's going on, then he manipulated my hips and spine to put things back into alignment (despite popular belief, most chiros only give their patients "mobilisation" manipulations, not realignment manipulations - Gonstead technique specifically realigns the spine). I used to be in pain after 5 min on the bike, cramped and agonised after 30 min. Now I can ride for hours, and it isn't ride fitness because I have sore muscles (work-out type of sore) for days after a ride.

    My wife had hip and knee issues. She saw a normal chiro, physio, and a sports physiologist - all failed to help. She gave in and saw my Gonstead chiro, and now she's much better (he couldn't fix the wear in her knees, for obvious reasons - they don't perform miracles).

    Here's a list of Gonstead chiros in Vic, so you can choose your most convenient one (if you decide to take my advice):

    In case you hadn't realised, I recommend them very highly! :D

    PS: if you don't like "bone crunching" (as some people call it), the "pop" is only the sound of air bubbles around the joint popping (actually cavitating), and it's totally harmless. You'll get used to it.