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Paid, off street parking. Worth it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iGolf, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. I guess this thread is more relevant to states where you can park for free on the footpath.

    For the commuters out there, would you pay for secure parking in the city rather than for free on the footpath?
    I have the option to park under the building at work for $44 a month.
    Sounds cheap and convenient (car is over $300pm) but over a year its about the same as my insurance excess any way.

    24/7 secure parking if I leave the bike at work and get on the turps after work is about the only justification I can come up with so far.

    Any thoughts?
  2. I suppose if the area is under CCTV coverage in your building it may be worthwhile. I don't commute but when I do have to go to the city use footpath parking. There is the advantage of underbuilding parking that the bike will be dry when you get on at least. ;)
  3. To keep it out of the weather is the only reason I would do it, but still have to be cheap as I am tight, cheap bike, cheap petrol, no parking dodging tolls, you get the point.
    I have been parking outside my office for a very long time and the weather drives me up the wall.
    As for lock up I wheel my bike into the foyer of the building and take the train home - but its pretty rare I have to do that.
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  4. The main thing that annoys me about street parking (other than walking out to find my bike stolen) is all the dust and grime collected.
    Not to mention smokers hanging around.

    All points to me buying a cheap second hand WR250R for commuting duties I think.
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  5. Definetly I bought an expensive crusier to ride to work and I was worried sick about it being outside and then it got grime and gunk and scratched from use.
    Now I set a limit of $3k and I buy some cheap bike to run with and I don't fret over it any more. You would be surprised what you can get for such little cash, but be prepared to do some repairs to look after it though.

    As for outside covers it would be nice if they could someone would come up with a top half cover that is tight over particular bikes. That also tucked away nicely somewhere on the bike.
  6. If its a nice bike yes, otherwise buy something ugly, reliable, half ok on fuel with a pack rack that you don't mind getting dirty or knocked over.
    My commuting bikes live out on the street during the day and have never had any issues.

    Just remember that some 'secure parking' isn't all that secure and can be a hotspot for thieves as they can work on the bike out of sight without being disturbed...ie crown casino
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  7. For $10/week i would. One less thing to worry about.
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  8. True.
    Building is very secure.
    Maybe I will take the park while I look for a commuter bike.
  9. Bike dry, less chain maintenance because it's not sitting getting soaked all day, no chance of being knocked over by some oaf. I like on footpath because I go to the city 2-3 times a year on my bike and it's quick and convenient.If I were commuting, bike parked there all day I'd probably look in to a more permanent arrangement like you've been offered.
  10. It takes me longer to walk to work from where I park my bike than it does to ride to the building I park at :wacky: But spending $15k on a bike and leaving it in a public carpark is out of the question for me. I also pay $40 which is worth it to me.
  11. Well worth the money to park it inside. Your bike will be in much better condition for many years. The weather affects a multitude of components over a period of time. Add in the security and you will be well in front.
  12. Plus you could tell your insurance it's parked securely during the day as well as the night and maybe get a further discount?
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  13. Mate, sounds like a bargain.

    On another note - how difficult is it to sneak your bike inside? Not suggesting you break any rules, just asking. I may or may not have done something similiar once long ago....
  14. Full security gate access as opposed to a boom gate. It's basically Fort Knox where I work. So the bike will be safe but no chance of a freebie. Couldn't scratch your ass without it being on a dozen cameras.
  15. Bummer.
  16. geez, $2 a day secure parking and drunk bike storage... not sure how you will cope :D

    wonder what the going rate in Shitney is? more like $40 a day...
  17. Shitney! Just the word I've been looking for, for the last 15 years.
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    Got the secure park.
    Seems everyone else just leaves their gear and helmet with the bike so that's an added bonus.
  19. Mate just do it. Seriously! You'll save that just on time spent not washing the bike. Plus you can probably claim parking in your tax return if your accountants any good....

    I long for decent parking - it's outdoors and there's a concrete/cement plant up the road, as well as a large rock place. So dust and grit in the air all the bloody time. Clean vehicles last about a day or two before being dusted! :confused:
  20. You can't beat secure parking. Where I work in Canberra one end of the basement extending half a dozen car spaces have been set aside for motorbike parking. It's secure in the sense that it's swipe card access only, but the basement is used by a couple of other tenants, not just my employer. Still leave helmet and gloves on the bike and ive noticed others also leave all there gear on the bikes. Best part is there is no charge.