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Pagtsa, Regal Raptor

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jagren, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Hi to everyone,

    well it's been about 15 years since i was last on a bike which was the one i learnt on a rmx250 suzuki which i ended up selling to buy a car and never got another bike but i always wanted a really fast sports bike. Now i find myself wanting a cruiser and have thought about getting one, alot of people have said to me if you end up with a 250 (cause thats all i'm licenced for) you will end up wanting a bigger and faster bike. So for the time being i find myself looking at the pagsta cruiser there are a few second hand ones around 2,500 with low klms that arn't very old but i cant find that much info about them and was abit worried about the quality and reliability can anyone give me any advice or idea what they are like. They look okay and seem like good value. There are alot of older bikes around that seem quite old and pay more for e.g. 90 models viragos.

    Your advice would be appreciated

    cheers bevan.
  2. And you'll find that happening even sooner with a low-powered Chinese 250 engine like that found in the Pagsta.