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Pagsta Cruisa

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ]{ing Nothing, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. So I know this has been discussed before (i used the search function, everyone cheer for me!) but those threads weren't really definitive.

    I was told these bikes are built using a honda rebel frame and engine - is this true? If so, this means it will be pretty easy to service/find parts for if anything breaks?

    It's not often you find a brand new bike at 5k, so I'm just wondering if anyone thinks they are worth it?
  2. They look pretty crappy to me and I ride a Hyosung.

    I think that there was also some issues with the previous or current importer.
  3. they are made in china according to the website... I don't know what that says for build quality....
  4. Doesn't always mean bad but I thought they looked pretty nasty.

    For $5k there are much better bikes around IMO.
  5. really? like what? I havent seen ANY new bikes for 5k...
  6. They have been around in QLD for years,
    Many stars ride them in the states.

    I also think there small, crap and toy looking.
  7. If you like the cruiser style and want brand new the new virago goes for a bit over $6k I wouldn't pay more than $6.5k ride away. since you bought your gear from Yamaha City why not go back and negotiate a deal. You're not gonna find much for $5k brand new.

    start with what you want to pay for it... don't be afraid of being laughed at if you offer $5k the worst they can do is say no.
  8. virago is nice but even 5k is really stretching my budget. doubt i'll be able to stretch any further. havent been able to test ride anything so im not really sure what I like... i just like cruisers as a general thing...
  9. Buy second hand.
    Nothing wrong with buying something someone else took the new bike hit on then had to sell way too cheap.

    If i planned on keeping a bike for more than say 10-15 years, i would buy new.
    Under that and i will always buy second hand.
    Cars too, not enough re-sale value on anything.
  10. yeah i've pretty much talked myself out of buying new, but a guy can dream right? ;)
    i might try and grab a spada or cb250 or something. i didn't find the cb the most comfortable bike to ride but it's hard to make an executive decision when i havent been on any others.
  11. Don't leave the GPX250 out of that list for $4000 to $4500 you'd get a really smick low kms one.
  12. hmmm i kinda wanted 4k to be my upper limit. i'll have to see whatsa around i guess. i'm chexcking all thje usual places to see whats available
  13. Nothing wrong with second hand.

    Just got my bike 3 weeks ago after searching 3-4 months and i too really wanted a new cruiser. But after i saw the v25 custom or vt250 (depending on who you talk to) i had to have it.

    Second hand it had to be as they are a discontinued bike, dont know why but a great bike, to me any way

    There some great second hand cruisers out there well looked after and in great nick.
  14. Theres a few bikes like the Hyosung GT250, the new Honda CBF250 and also the GPX which are somewhere around $6g's new so one for 4,000 or so shouldnt be a problem. But it will take some looking to find the good ones. good luck.