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Pagsta 49cc and 97cc Choppers???

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by JeanLuc664, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. No.... it ain't a pocket rocket.... It is a fully registerable moped... ummmm bike .... uhhh... bik-ette.... errrr.... thingy... :?


    I've gotta say I've only ever seen the one.... and it looks like someone left their Harley out in the rain and it shrank :LOL: I can't decide whether it's cool or just a bit toooo cute :wink:

    A chick I know from the local Hungry Jack's bought herself a 2006 Roadsta for $1450... NEW!!!! :shock: ...a case of being in the right place at the right time - the new model was about to come out so the old ones were nearly half price

    Are these purely a WA abberation (apparently they are built here in West Oz)? Or have others seen these wee lil' beasties in other states??? :shock:

    There's the 49cc version http://www.pagsta.com.au/roadsta.htm and the 97cc version http://www.pagsta.com.au/choppa.htm - both are registerable.... ...

    I dunno if something that much fun should be legal :grin:

    Opinons? Comments? Whatever?

  2. i wonder if they are built cheap?????

    like cheap crap that falls apart???
  3. They actually look pretty cool. Great for chapel st crusies here in Vic! :p
  4. Ahhh the Pagster.....or Phagster as i've heard people call them :) :p

    I dont know, personally I reckon I'd rather a scooter.
  5. I think I'd rather be seen on a postie bike.....and I HATE postie-bikes !
  6. ROFL :LOL:

    Awwwwww guys.... that's harsh :wink: ... I still think they are cute :grin:
  7. There is a guy who has a fleet of these things (the 49cc version) (20 or so) and runs 3/4 hour local tours on them in Queensland.

    No license except for car is needed to ride them up there so people go on these chopper tours with him.

    Cheap way to get a big fleet of hire bikes!
  8. I reckon that's the exception. Actually quite a good idea, I guess. Still...I prefer scooters to 'Bali Harleys' such as these horrible little things.
  9. wow. yuck...

    i'd resurrect my old postie bike over that thing!