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Paginale Track/Road Bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by wideone3, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. So basically I'm still on my P's (~2 years till fulls) and currently riding a street triple 660. However i went in today to my local dealer to look at bags and what not only to see a beautiful panigale 1199s. Within minutes a sales man came over and asked me to stop dribbling all over the floor and asked if i needed any help.
    At the same time I've been looking at buying a bike for the track that isn't my commuter/weekend bike. So, would anyone think it would be a good idea to look at buying say a repairable write off Panigale (899/959, 1199 or 1299) and use it for track then once my times up repair it to road standards and ride off into the sunset?
    Ive been looking at the panigale for 3/4 years saying to myself that one day i'll get one.
    Bit of background. Im still in Uni so many of you may say this would be a terrible idea and i should save towards student loans, House etc. But i still have 3 years left of Uni and am working quite a lot so i feel like within a year considering i don't splash out on pointless teenager things (I'm 19) i could look at buying a repairable right off, Thinking they will probably be about $10k for a half decent one. Or i save for 2/3 years and buy a brand new one when i get off my restrictions.
    Oh what an irresponsible young adult i am :(
    Im sorry i can't help it

  2. Mate, take it from me...... I bought the 1299 panigale s, subsequently dropped it doing about 10k's an hour and did over $7k worth of damage. Don't get me wrong, they are a fantastic bike but the repair costs and maintenance costs are pretty high!

    Insurance companies definitely won't cover a track day mishap, and they may refuse to insure a repaired write-off for on road use.

    Just wait the time, get the brand new one..... Thats what I did! It was the best day of my life taking delivery of that bad boy!
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  3. That was another thing i was going to inquire about. If you don't mind me asking, How much is like a standard service/maintenance for a panigale, Or just the usual upkeep.

    Yeah i totally get the expense thats the only thing I'm worried about. The only thing i can do to combat that is try buy a relatively cheap write off. Its often common that some of the write off's have one or two panels that are slightly scratched, yet because of the price of them the insurance companies just call it a write off. From what I've seen there have been a few that have been in fine condition but because they were dropped from a standstill or slow speeds they've been binned. All i would need is to buy some cheap chinese track fairings and then some cheap road fairings for when my restrictions have ended.

    The 3 year wait has been killing me. Ive had my licence for almost 2 years now (stuffed around on L's and had then for about a year).
    But i sure can imagine the kind of smile that would be on my face if i picked up a brand new one.
    Cheers for the help
  4. Seen a few of them at my local dealer in for fairing damage and more repair. Still not put me off wanting one when off restrictions - a sparkly new 959 should be on the floor by the time I'm ready later this year I hope! Won't be leaving the shop floor without oggy knobs attached everywhere.

  5. I can't remember exactly, but I think the service cost was about $400 for a standard service and $600 for a major + anything extra they might find :p.

    The issue with a lot of write offs, is that they look fine from the outside but structural cracks under the fairings, in the framework etc, so you have to be pretty careful.

    Although, thats just my opinion someone on the site probably has more experience than me with repairable write offs. I just know Panigale's lol
  6. Yeah. A lot of people keep saying 'Go with a cheaper japanese bike or a s1000rr' but considering the Panigale is my dream bike i just can't look at anything else. I can appreciate them sure, but i know if i bought something else i would always wish that it was a duc in my garage and that would eat me up. i know for sure that if i decide to just wait it out, ill be into the dealer ship months before my restrictions end so i can pick one up or at least test ride one. Ive already started saving :p
  7. From my knowledge In nsw I'm pretty sure all wright offs are now non repairable. IMHO a panigale doesn't make a very good road bike. That's just my opinion. My advice for your first track bike is to buy CHEAP , like $3k cheap. U can find efi 1000cc bikes for that. Heaps of fun on the track and when u bin it just pick it up and keep riding.
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  8. Thats no too bad considering its a super bike with all sorts of extras. My triumph is about anywhere from 200-350$ (standard) depending on the servicing place and thats on a pretty stock standard bike without many electronics.
  9. I'm not entirely sure, Ive just been looking at salvage places in sydney and some are marked as being repairable. Yes, for some people panigale's may not seem like the best bike, But for me its been that bike thats on my wall, my screensaver and everytime i see someone on one i just give them the thumbs up and lose track of where the lane markings are because I'm stuck staring at it.
    Its similar to when kids have car posters on their wall (i had lambo photos everywhere), Its always going to be that bike i wish i bought.
    But tbh by the time my restrictions end I'm sure ducati will have sorted out any current problems (Heat etc) and will have a perfect bike for me. Well in my dreams at least.

    Regarding your second sentence, Yeah i totally agree with you that buying a cheap track bike is a great idea, I just am kind of looking at taking shortcuts to reach my dream bike. The triumph is keeping me very happy for the moment but i know the closer i get to my full's the more I'm just going to want to upgrade.
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  10. Same reason I bought M659 as first bike, decision was based passion, not practicality. Great little bike, shall keep her I think and sell my car to buy Panigale. Don't think I'd want to use it as track day bike though. I agree with others a cheap $3-5,000 bike would be better for that as can't insure for the track.
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  11. Write offs cant be registered in NSW. For a while now.
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  12. Oh well thats gonna suck. Guess I'm waiting it out, On the positive side at least the extra time will do wonders for my insurance. From what I've looked at, every year i get older i save 500$ in insurance. :)
  13. Damn, I'd hate to see your current premium!
  14. Why not spend some of your money that you were going to spend on a panigale on sone track days? The triumph wil be cheaper to fix if you crash it than a panigale

    Then you wont be so slow when you do get a decent bike.
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  15. Why not spend some coin on track days and tuition, then when you find that you are doing enough track days that you need a track bike buy a 250-600 already setup. It'll cost far less overall and will actually help to accelerate your skills, rather than buying a ludicrously powerful bike while being a new rider and spending your time riding it to 10% of its capabilities.
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  16. Yeah thats what my original plan was, I'm just trying to jump the gun i think. Ive done a track day before but on a friends wrecked r6 (had no front fairings) as he had a new cbr1000rr for the track. Looking at buying it off him but he's asking too much for what it is. Was looking at something in the 500-600cc range for track. My street triple is a good amount of power and was considering getting a 250 for the track but i guess I'm too used to the instant power of something a bit bigger. Its never too late to readjust though.
    Thanks for that, Think I'm going to dig a bit deeper into buying a written off 400-600 cheaper bike for the track and go from there.
    Hopefully then by the time i get something bigger for the road i won't be doubting my skill level on the track and will have confidence in myself not to crash it.
  17. Only issue here is that the triumph is kinda my commuter too and from uni and work, Having it in repair would be quite a big pain. Otherwise i would but if repairs are going to take a few weeks its definitely going to effect how i get around. Although i have a car, i share it with parents and don't have access to it 100% of the time. Will probably end up with something cheap that won't matter if its being repaired. Guess it'll help me get my Bike DIY skills up too, as I'm looking to learn all the basic and intermediate level things i can do to cut my servicing costs down a bit
  18. Just buy a 125cc for $1000 if you crash it that hard. Youll probably not be riding though anyway wkth broken legs.

    Its pretty hard to do that at the track though. Juat go do a track day.
  19. Im not saying id be crashing it hard, Heck i'd be taking it real slow on the track if i took the striple. If any of you know/watch AdrianNickelodean (youtuber) he's just crashed his R1 on the track which was his commuter and mentions its screwed up his days now as he's had so much trouble with it. Having broken rearsets, Bent forks etc. Just don't want to go through the same thing
  20. Thats pretty rare.
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