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pager allarm

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ricki38, May 3, 2007.

  1. i have been using for years noow a not well nown pager that workks with any allarm and is on powerfull cb frequency so it will allway let you know if your allarm has gone off foe 2kilometers as i live on third floor of units my bike and car are in garage in bacement i allways sleep well knowing i dont have to be in hearing range as it beeps next to my bed only 200 bux at presision instalations its not the siren but the pager that lets you be alerted i have one in my custom hq and soon one in my new oz trike

  2. I need a translator: my head hurts.

    Say what with the what-what? :LOL:
  3. could have at least said what brand/model :?
  4. aarrghh!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!

    Here, keep some of these handy........,,,,,,,,..........,,,,,,,,,,;;;;;;;::::::::''''''""""""""
  5. i dont know the brand or i would have put it up as im trying to give/share helpfull ideas all i know is that presision instalations at blackhurst sydney supply them ,so what does recomending a product to prevent your posesion from being stolen have to do with driving blind ? why knock something when its intention is to help , there is also a new devise used to trck pets that fits in their collar if they get lossed through a web site which canalso be hidden in a bike or car but i guess youll just find fault in that too aye
  6. :grin: