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Padlocks on brake discs

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jetz427, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, new to this forum and so far everything has been very helpful!

    Just wondering, i was thinking of using a padlock on my discs, instead of a proper disc lock on my 88' GPX 250 Ninja

    What are your opinions, should i use a proper disc lock or what? Is there any problems with using a pad lock on the discs?
  2. Whatever you use make sure you have one of those orange stretchy thingies from the lock to your handlebar to remind you to remove the lock when you're ready to go.

    Don't want to look a goose when the bike upends itself cause you forgot to unlock it! :shock:

    Not to mention the damage to the bike.

    However I think the purpose built locks are the go. No room for a pair of bolt cutters to slice through the lock pin as you can with a regular lock.
  3. If you buy a good quality weather proof padlock (lockwood) you'll pay the same or even more than a disc lock. But as a temporary solution, the padlock is better than nothing.
  4. Get a padlock that has a shank long enough to lock your brake lever at full on against the throttle.

    Harder to ride off with it on ;)
  5. The way disc locks are designed, you can't cut them with bolt cutters. I can't see that also applying to a padlock at all, because the lockable piece of metal is exposed all the time and simple to cut/remove.

    I wouldn't suggest it, but if it's all you have... I guess it's better than nothing.
  6. I got a lock for mine that has an alarm in it. its got a motion sensor so when someone touches your bike or moves it, the alarm goes off for 30 seconds. its very loud and ehough to attract atttention...It also reminds you when you sit on it if you forgot to take it off! Lol.