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Paddock Stands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Jackarougi, Dec 1, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone, I'm a huge noobie when it comes to all things motorcycles and I'm learning as much as I can as I go, but I have a question about paddock stands. I'm looking around for one to use to make bike maintenance a bit easier for me. Do all stands work with all bikes, or do you need to get specific stands for your bike model?
    Thanks, Jack.

  2. Some stands will be bike specific - but that's more likely at the higher end of the spectrum. You may need to purchase spools for the swing arm of your bike for some stands.

    If you want budget and multi purpose you can't go far wrong with the Aldi ones for the money. They come with two handles of different widths (one for the front wheel, one for the rear) and 3 different fittings to lift the bike. Flat to sit on a square swing arm, curved to fit under the spools or pronged for the front wheel. I think they're branded 'Torque'.

    EDIT** The adjustable rubber forks on that advert are what you get 3 of with Aldi. But yes, that'll do. Normally heaps around on gumtree second hand.
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  3. Alright thanks. I'll have a look around Gumtree and see if there's any Aldis near me with anything in stock, I've heard their stuff sells out pretty fast.

  4. Looks like you'll have a long wait for the Aldi bike sale:

    Aldi bike gear

    Stick to gumtree or ebay
  5. Those rubber brackets on the end which go under the swingarm are ok, but the ones that are used with the swingarm spools are better IMO and leave your bike far more secure when up in the air. Every stand I have bought came with both types but this one looks like it only has the rubber bracket type.
    Plenty of second hand ones come up for $50 or sometimes less on ebay/ gumtree
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  6. I have a Ninja 300 and just went with one from Supercheap for like $65 or something.

    It handles up to 350kgs or something and given I'm unlikely to ride a cruiser soon, figured it'd be more than enough for sports bikes. Bought a set of spools (the little things you screw into your swing arm for the paddock stand to pivot on as it lifts the bike) from a local bike shop. Remember too that your spools should rotate. Loctite the screw in but you should not over tighten to allow the spool to roll when required.
  7. Thanks for your help everyone, I'll have a look around on eBay and Gumtree and see what's on there. Might pop into AMX or Supercheap and see what they have too.
  8. You will need the rear spools though. Most bike shops stock them for pretty cheap though.
  9. I got a BHM racing one from ebay for my R3. About $65 I think. Plus the bobbins which double as oggy knobbs in theory. Although hard to see the exhaust side ever touching the ground.
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  10. Anyone used the Oxford paddock stands..use the bobbins on the swingarm
    I scored a gift voucher for bikebiz so thought to get one for maintenance on the new steed as he is a heavy bastid well over 220kg.
    So no mucking around like I could with Wasabi.
  11. Hmmm....so a speed triple is 217kg.

    Ninja 1000 is 228kg

    Z1000 is 221kg

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  12. But wet or dry weight... :sneaky:
  13. Yeah i bought the rear stand, pickup forks and bobbins from bikebiz to use on my new R3. Very solid and sturdy for the light R3 but the manual recommends 200kgs max.
  14. that's total.. not per end... :p
    stand *should* be rated for the load it's lifting, not total bike weight
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  15. Was more referring to the then mystery of Oldmaid's new ride. She mentioned 220kg so I was trying to be clever and piece it together.
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  16. OldmaidOldmaid hasn't pulled it apart already, has she? :whistle:
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  17. I'm a bit slow.. :p