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Paddock Stands

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by shady_knife, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. i have no idea about paddock stands, looking at getting a pair.

    rang peter stevens, and their paddock stands aren't cheap (rear was around $200 or so, front $300 or so) now, looking at ebay... you get ALOT cheaper ones, so i'm wondering, are they all pretty much the same... ie..

    is there anything wrong with these ones...




    just the price difference made me question if there is a huge difference between brands or is ps just over-pricing? anything i should look out for?

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  4. +1 for Kaneg there nice and strong for a good price
  5. i got a kaneg stand too. No complaints, good customer service. Cheaper to get it from their site than fleabay though.
  6. I ordered my Kaneg stands yesterday. They havent arrived yet but so far im very happy with there customer service. They called me within 30mins of placing my order to confirm what colour spools i wanted and what brand bike they were for.
  7. I got Kaneg too. Great stand, easy to use. They also offer free rubberized platforms for the bikes like my FZ to use it without spools. I actually got both spools and platforms for free.
  8. Another happy Kaneg customer here. I found that the [rear] stand had a little lateral movement at the join, but nothing a couple of screws couldn't fix.

    I even put the bumper sticker on my car :driver:
  9. Happy with Anderson, original set still fully functioning after 5 years, the last 3 with the weight of a Busa.
  10. kaneg were the winner, low price, lots of good feedback from people here.

    done and done. cheers lads.

    showed my dad this and he goes "wow, they got their staff on that quick" haha
  11. I need to get a stand, but the F4i can't be fitted with spools unless I want to drill the swingwarms. Ugh. Universal I guess…
  12. Kaneg offers free rubberized platforms for the bikes like my FZ to use it without spools. I actually got both spools and platforms for free.

  13. Oh realllllllllllllllllllly
  14. Yes, if you look through the products you would find them.
  15. Yes I got the spools and ruberized platformed for free (read: as part of their deal).
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  17. Grue, get a set of Gilles chain adjusters and put the optional race stand pick ups on them. That's what they're made for.
  18. ...and cheaper again if you use their Netrider discount ;-)

    just ordered mine.

  19. +1. In addition they pre-bent the hooks to accommodate my daytona 675's curved swingarm. Quite happy with 'em..
  20. For something that you will use for many years possibly keep for ever, I can only recommend a proper Aussie made one piece stand (any stand that bolts together is going to become unstable sooner or later, and they are only like that to make the shipping from overseas cheaper).
    I think it is well worth forking out nearly double to get a quality unit that will last for a life time.
    Anderson or Sharp only for me, plus Sharp Racing have a lifetime warranty.

    Go on buy Aussie made you know it is worth it.