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Paddock stand - solo?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Greydog, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. Well, I got my paddock stand finally assembled - then hit a snag.

    How the hell do I lift the bike without running the risk of it going south? I'm using L brackets, but I can't hold and lift at the same time.

    Is there a trick to it, or am I doomed to lube my chain an inch at a time?
  2. this is what i do:
    stand bike upright(ish) leaning on my leg, line up stand (i have spools) and put enough pressure on the stand to stop it moving, then just put my foot on the stand and step on it while still holding the grab strap.

    can't imagine being much different using flat tabs over spools
  3. I generally will put an old masking tape roll over the front brake to keep it on & stop the bike from rolling forward.

    Line up & sit the rear stand onto the swingarm roughly & then stand the bike up & hold from the rear grab rail making sure the stand is in position.

    Push down with my foot to take the weight & from there it will go up without any problems.

    I do have spools on my current bike, but still did it this exact way using L brackets when I had my VTR250.

    If you need a hand with working it out Mandy let me know & I should be able to pop around & help/show if needed.

  4. Great, thanks guys. I think the roll over the front brake is a good idea; I'll try that. I don't have a grab rail tho, only a strap, which is a pity.

    Whitey, if I still have issues, I'll give you a hoy. Thanks for the offer.

    On the VTR250, did you have the uprights of the Ls behind the swingarms or on the outside? I'm kinda afraid it's gonna fall off.
  5. I've got the flat tabs and i just put the kickstand down and lift it while its leant over. As the rear comes up, i will push the bike to the right a bit, allowing it to come up straight.

    If you're worried about it falling over, keep the kickstand down, and always try and have a hand or arm over the bike to prevent it from falling the other way.

  6. It's trickier to get the stand lined up straight with flat tabs on em, just make sure you step back and check that it's sitting right on both sides before you're happy with it.

    EDIT: ugh, can't embed with timestamp, skip to 41s
  7. What Mike said.

    If you get everything lined up, hook up the left side and gently apply pressure to bring the bike up (same with hooks or flat pads on swing arm) - making sure the right hand hook/pad is in line to 'catch' as the bike gets vertical.

    Once vertical you can take your hands off the bike and all is stable - then joist hoik the bike up onto the stand.

    First time can be a little un-nerving but after that no problem at all.

  8. Once you have the width of the brackets set they should be able to be tightened in that position. If they cant move and the front brake is on the bike cant go sideways, forwards or backwards.

    If you stand on the right hand side of the bike & pull the bike towards you, the bike can then lean/brace against you & you will still have the sidestand down on the left (just in case)

    Once the bike is vertical the strap on the rear will be enough to hold it balanced at that point.

    Hope that helps.

  9. what mike999 said, as yu get used to it you'll kick the rear stand down without a second thought, just remember do it slowly!!
  10. So how did you go with the stand ?

  11. Didn't try today. Spent all day at Broadford with Chicken and Chef. By the time I got home I was stuffed.

    I'll give it a go in the next day or so - prob not tomorrow as I'll be in a hurry.

    E.T.A. Plus I have to tighten up the nuts on it. It's a cheapy so I'll have to get the spanners onto it (or whatever tools I can substitute).
  12. Yeah I just lift my bike from the side stand, works well for me except the Aldi paddock stand just inst stable enough and will be going back to the store because its a flimsy piece of crap...
  13. Yes, I'm going to try to tighten mine up, and substitute the smaller frame and see what that does. Haven't tried yet b/c I was out last night, but will have to get my arse into gear eventually.
  14. [MENTION=34621]Greydog[/MENTION]

    Have you managed o work it out yet?

    I ride the Monash home everyday at roughly 1645hrs (4:45pm for the normal folk) but can swing past and (try to) assist if you like.
  15. Mandy maybe ask somene living close to you to pop in to guide you during the process and watch you do it on your own till you are confident in doing it alone
  16. As with other things, I find getting it up on your own is easy,
    but I prefer to have someone else there to assist getting it back down again.
  17. Boom boom!

    No, actually after swapping the hoop over to the smaller one, then swapping it back b/c it was too small, it now isn't level. So I've decided it's a POS and I'll have to buy a better quality one.

    Now, which one?
  18. I got mine from Radum in Tullmarine!! couple of bukcs more then the Aldi price I think
  19. Thanks for the offer. I'll have to pick up a better stand before I have another go.

    Stay tuned!
  20. I've got the Rjays one. Worked fine on my vtr & still does fine on the GSX650F.