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"Paddling" a tall bike - tips?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by demuire, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. I just picked up my SV650, and almost dropped it while trying to park it. I've released all the preload from the rear suspension, but even as it is I'm on my tip-toes on the bike. I can either have one foot flat on the ground, or both on the tips of my toes. My legs go between the footpeg and the gear/brake levers, so it's kinda hard to do anything aside from just sit there.

    Does anyone have any tips about the best way to "paddle" the bike around? Like, if you needed to park the bike, I would assume you wouldn't stop at the side of the road, get off the bike and push it backwards, you'd stay in the seat right? Should I just use one foot to push the bike (so I can get the whole foot on the ground and clear the footpegs)? I tried it, and it didn't work so well either. Maybe wet cement didn't help.

    Or is this just something I'm going to have to get used to? Going forwards I can use the throttle, going backwards I'm having issues...

  2. demuire, i'll show you tonight at coffee

    it'll be easier if you're off the bike
  3. Nope you wouldn't, you'd get off the bloody thing and push it around like the rest of us shortasses do :p

    Paddling forwards, no problem. Paddling backwards, forget it - unless you're on an uphill slope.
  4. Yeah. Get off. Much easier. :D

    Can only really paddle mine on flat ground... even though I can just flat-foot both feet. Just to heavy to get it moving up a hill though. :p
  5. if you have ducks disease get off and walk it ... or there will be tears aplenty
  6. What about with those bike parks at the side of the road? There's like, so little space between the bikes, just enough for the bike...? I guess I just have to look for bigger gaps.

    Thanks everyone :)
  7. get it lowered?
  8. With enough balance and practice, you can paddle the bike with 1 foot while your still sitting on it. I do it myself when the bikes on flat ground, and I can only get tippy toes of 1 foot on the ground.

    If the bike is on gravel or if the slope of the road has me pushing it backwards up hill, then I get off the bike and move it.

    Just remember every time you change where your looking, move your body weight or even move the handle bars the balance of the bike will change.
    You just have to learn how and when to use your body weight to keep the bike balanced.
  9. Hyosung GT-650 seat height 720mm
    Suzuki SV650 seat height 800mm
  10. GT650 seat height is 780mm :!:
  11. Have you seen the movie Gattica?
  12. Correct, Dennis, weird script-type writing on the Hyosung webiste.
  13. I agree with Miss ZZR - get off and push. The last time I "paddled" (and before I got is lowered) the bike decided to take a nap. :oops:

  14. Good idea. Search the SV forums online or speak to your dealer about getting the suspension linkage replaced to lower the ride height. Much better than winding your suspension all the way to one end. It's not going to do much good there. In the interim, get off and push. I prefer to push my bike from the RHS with the sidestand down. that way if I ever lose balance I can either push it over on the left side and have a good chance that it will stay up or I can throw myself under the right hand side :)
  15. Platform shoes?

    See, even this message is too bloody short!
  16. 1) pick your spots is a good start and even if its flat move forward and then hit the front brake and use that momentum to push back with.2) get off the bike 3) flat footing it seems to work best for me as long as your confident should be ok 4) pick a spot ride up the footpath and then down the gutter to your new parking spot .
  17. Heh, oh well, tried to get off and push the bike last night and in the process of getting off dropped the bike *oops*. No visible damage, all good :) I think the camber on the road meant when I got off the bike it was leaning much heavier on me than I expected it too and it kinda decided to have a lie down on top of me...

    Maybe I might look at getting it lowered. First I have to save some money (rather broke at the moment - hey I just bought a new bike!). By which time maybe I'll already be used to it being tall :)
  18. jbray: That's an awesome link, thanks!

    Nev: Why is it a bad idea to adjust the suspension all the way to one end?
  19. You did put the stand down and lean it onto the stand before you dismounted didn't you?

    Sounds like you didn't, but I may have misread.

    Getting off it while its still balancing upright with no stand assistance is asking for trouble - Unless you're 6 foot tall.

    Don't stress too much about dropping it, it happens (more to some than others) :roll: