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N/A | National Pad & Disc wear track day

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Garido, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Hi, had a chat to a mate of mine yesterday about brake pad & disc wear on a track day. I've never been on a track, but always toyed with the thought.

    My mate believes that if I would take the gixxer on the track, I would most likely go through a set of pads and discs on the one day. I personally wouldn't think it would be that bad, but given no experience, seeking input from more experienced track riders.
  2. your mate is wrong
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  3. lol your mates an idiot. If its your first track day definitely not going trough a set of pads. Probably wouldn't even notice a difference from the start and end of the day. Brake discs? no just, no. Think about how many sets of brake pads you have to go through to start wearing out the discs.
    Go do a track day and enjoy it. You won't regret it.
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  4. yeah you will go through 2 sets of disks and 4 sets of pads, and thats just on the out lap
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  5. No you wont even come close! My front pads have done, Superbike school, 2 track days, 3 race days and still have plenty..
  6. Thanks guys. That would have been my expectation as well!
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  7. Just do it!

    Did 8 track days on my 92' CBR250RR not one change of pads / discs, but went through one set of tires though this included heaps of commuting as well.

    Just take it slow for the first few sessions & ease into it, your pace will increase dramatically by the end of the day, drink plenty of fluids & have fun!
  8. Bahahahahahhahaha!

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  10. ....I think I just pooped myself from laughing... Better go clean up
  11. i tend to go fairly heavy on brake pads and if i road ride every other day, including track days once or twice a month, the pads will last about 3 months. that is considered fairly fast wearing, most guys pads will last a lot longer.

    they are DP regular compound pads.
    racing or performance pads might wear a lot faster and offer better grip but the regular compound are pretty good for me.
    the discs have no appreciable wear after 40,000km.

    does your mate run the cheapest shit off ebay with aluminium discs or is he a gp rider?
  12. no, he is just some dick who runs his mouth of without having a clue
  13. Lol. Has your mate ever ridden at a track before? Does he even posses a motorcycle license?
    Tyres maybe, if you're on soft race rubber and a riding god.
  14. or riding phillip island :D
  15. I have a 2013 ZX10R done Broadford and PI track days and 1 CSS day at Phillip Island. Plenty of disk and pad left on the OEM gear.

    and that's 14,000 on the clock road and track
  16. will last you at least for another 80,000ks
  17. and that's just the tyres
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  18. Nope if your good you'll hotspot the rotors that's about if.

    My track bike has 20,000km on it around 5,000km of track use. OEM rotors are looking pretty purple but still within service limit. I've done a few days (around 7-8 days) on race pads and they still have heaps of meat