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Packer to shut down free-to-air sport?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by titus, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. Packer buying out Ten Network

    It appears that the strategy is to shut down the ONE HD channel, or replace it with a news service, so that viewers wanting to see sport will have to purchase a SKY subscription to do so.

    Obviously this affects those of us who watch motorsport on ONE...
    which has been a godsend, allowing us to see it at humane hours for a change.

  2. Given that I already have Pay TV with the sports channels, and I have an intense dislike for the coverage ONE has of the MotoGP, I'd be quite happy for it to be back on Pay TV, at least I won't miss 5 laps of every race.
  3. Me too. Pay TV FTW. Realy enjoyed the PI coverage that contained more information about solving my familes internet problems than racing](*,)
  4. Well, it's 10/ONE or nothing for me. No way can we afford to pay to watch TV, end of story.
  5. One is the only channel I watch. Even though I don't watch it much, its good knowing there is sport on tap whenever I want it. I hope Ten stays strong.
  6. I wonder how much effect he'll have over the management with only 20% of the shares. Ten posted a very good profit result for the 2010 fin year.
  7. Titus, I believe TEN/ONE has a 5 year contract with Dorna to the exclusive rights to MotoGP, so unless young Mr Packer wants to pay out more money, I think it's pretty safe.
  8. If packer wants to pack up free to air motorsports then you can always watch them on the net or if that fails pay and get pay tv and watch it without ad breaks.

    I followed the whole wsbk 2010 season by watching the races live online with sopcast.
  9. I'd rather pay to go to a sporting event once a year than line his pockets paying for TV!
  10. He is planning to buy out the network, or at least gain enough control of it to change the programming. They may have a contract for MotoGP but they don't necessarily have to screen it (should he gain that control).
    This may not be all about motorsport really. It could just be collateral damage.

    I have to admit, Pay TV have been hard hit by the digital change. Was wondering what they would do to fight back. My guess is that the gummint won't like it, and will limit the amount of siphoning. But they sure as hell won't protect motorsport. The only hope for tightarses like me is that regulation will make the whole scheme unfeasible.

    If he fails to gain control, then the other network owners may not see the dollar value in a(nother) 24/7 news network.
  11. I'm pretty sure Dorna, Bernie Eccleston, AFL and any other promoters/owners would be pretty pissed if their respective sports wearn't being telecast as per the contract arrangments.

    I do take you point though, it would be a damn shame to loose free to air sport.
  12. The dark hand of Sauro *cough* murdoch returns :'c
  13. FWIW there is no suggestion yet that 10 would not show free to air sport. Only ONE would be affected, so it's hard to argue that the poor are being disadvantaged, and contracts honoured. But we know how 10 has treated motorsport when they were squeezed for screen time.

    The economic argument is the crux. He has to effectively kill ONE to help SKY out. Will it be worth it, and will it be worth it to the other ONE investors?
  14. Packer has bought into this because the government is about to announce the review of the siphoning laws. He wants to be in a position to capitalise if he can. OneHD is also only breaking even with revenue and Packer thinks they could use that spectrum for other purposes, like showing 30yo US comedies (which they pay nothing for).

    I've been quite surprised with OneHD and their Motogp coverage. I don't like losing the 5 laps per race, but since they gone to the international feed and we don't have to suffer Rusty and Beattie doing their dry commentary it's been much better.

    And as for PayTV taking the slack, if you have Foxtel, good luck. Foxsports have moved ALL their motorsport to an Australian version of Speed (AKA as the Nascar channel). However Austar have made no decision as to whether to take this channel (which they will have to pay for).

    Dorna's stated intention is to broaden their horizons with FTA TV as they feel that offers them the largest audience share, with commitments to live broadcasts being high on their list of requirements. It wasn't that OneHD outbid Foxsports, just that PayTV isn't where they wanted to be.
  15. I had a feeling the authorities would take an interest.

    That's the ACCC's job, after all. And yet, despite my personal needs I am not entirely comfortable with the notion that a statutory body should be involved in telling an individual how he can spend his money. If it happened at a lower level I would probably be the first to howl.

    I'm struggling with my own hypocrisy I guess.

    Re ONE HD, come the day (soon) when HD is universally taken up, the network could easily transfer ALL its sport onto ONE and get a better return, methinks. They are just in an awkward transitional phase ATM. Not helped by filling the schedule with large serves of dross from the US.
  16. Oh shit. Now we're really f#cked. Is this the same ACCC that investigated price fixing between the major fuel suppliers and ended up fining a small inedependant chain? I bet Packer's shitting his pants right now. Ha ha ha. Or not.
    Most likely outcome will be that we Television viewers will be fined because it will be our fault in some obscure way that makes perfect logic to them. (ACCC)
  17. The Wife and I dumped Austar/Pay TV about 3 months ago, The programs were being spread over more and more channels, meaning to see your favorites you had to subscribe to more and more channel packages, The amount of Advertising was getting to the point of downright offensive. We watched a half hour show on Discovery channel about 3 weeks before we gave it up, 6 ad breaks in a 30 minute show. Rang Austar, disconnect us please! Were done!
    I've never had the TV off so much i my life, we are catching upon our movie collection again, or better still getting out and doing more. and that's $80 a month back in our pocket.

    Hopefully Mr Murdercock doesn't destroy One HD, as it is about the only channel I still do watch on a regular basis, but it wouldn't surprise me if he does.
  18. As much as I agree with you there, I still find the FTA even worse and more annoying. I ditched a couple of the extra channels and the sport, but still have the HD and the MyStar (which now works). But the cost/benefit is definitely becoming harder to justify.
  19. I can't stand the coverage on ONE, I remember when channel 7 had a go at covering the Ashes... goddamn appalling, and the AFL and NRL games that free to air get, they show delayed or replayed meaning foxtel cannot show it at all. If foxtel had the rights to the GP, they'd be showing practice and qualifying.

    I support most sport moving across to pay tv, or at least letting them broadcast it in the event a FTA network will only delay or replay the coverage. As far as sports coverage is concerned, you pay for what you get.
  20. I don't understand something. Maybe you more knowledgeable people can explain - how will axing OneHD and replacing it with a FTA version of the pay tv service Sky, make Packer or Ten money (or to save money, perhaps)?