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Packaging a Deal

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Cambo, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Looking to buy my first bike. Having never bought a bike before, not sure if there is haggling involved like within the car industry.

    I would prefer to buy new, that way I will know the history of the bike and have found the bike I'm looking for (VTR250).

    The price is $7,990 + ORC. At the same time, I'm lookng at getting gear:

    Helmet $650
    Jacket $350
    Gloves $110
    Boots $150
    Jeans $???

    I tried on all the gear yesterday and know which ones I want.

    Package is therefore likely to be around $9,500 + ORC.

    Is it possible for me to negotiate some sort of deal with the dealer if I buy the whole lot at once??

    What are other peoples experiences??
  2. Of course you can negotiate

    Try a few different bike shops and get it all in writing. The bikes have much less margin than accessories, so some should do you a good deal on the whole package.

    Try going in with a really low offer for the lot (say $9K) and work from there. But I'd guess 10-20% off the accessories should not be too much to ask if you were spending around $10K

    Or you can always get just the bike at the best price you can and haggle for a package deal on the accessories.
  3. And if they won't give you a discount, ask them to throw some Draggin Jeans or a back protector in.
  4. I did forget to mention that they said if I bought the bike through them, I would automatically get 10% off the clothing/accessories I needed.
  5. Yeah ,you get a shop card with 10% off gear and parts when you buy a bike, so ask for more then 10%.
    What I did was sorted the price off the bike ,and went into the accessories part picked what I wanted ,was about $1,100 ,and then they gave that to me for $750 .
    I also got a free ,ventura rack and bag ,about $400.
    Then he said THATS IT NO more free stuff.

    MMMMMM nope I want a tank protector $40,and can you drop it off to my house 40 km away ..guess $50.

    Saved about $800+.

    See how you go ,and ask for a free 1ST service ,if there not going to give you more then 10% of the gear.

  6. Oh and I forget .
    If you arn't happy you can try some where else but.
    If you feel it's almost a good deal ,but they won't budge on price.
    Ask for cheap things ,that "you will need anyway" like.

    Chain lube ,$10.
    Rain pants .$30
    Oil .$15.
    Lock .$40.
    Bike wash .$15.

    Even if you get some little things extra ,it's costing them buggeral ,but you will have to get them any way in a few weeks-months.