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Package Forwarding Services from USA?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by uncosnail, Apr 16, 2014.

  1. Was wondering if anyone had tried any of these. Is supposed to be a way of avoiding expensive shipping costs and you can consolidate packages into one. Have had a look at Stackry. The company give you a usa address.

  2. I've heard about remailers - never used one. I'd be interested to know more since there are products some folk are only selling locally in the US.
  3. My wife has used this kind of setup for her interests. Local distributor went bankrupt and no-one picked up the franchise but US distributor was forbidden by the manufacturer to export due to franchise restrictions. It's worked in this case.

    There are some bike parts I've tried to source locally with no luck and US distributor cannot sell me. I'm tempted but very wary of dodgy operators.
    I can't see imagine huge shipping savings when it's usually based on weight.
  4. I've been using hopshopgo.com for about 4 years and over 100 parcels. They ship via DHL which means it is fairly quick and the pricing is fairly reasonable. They provide you with a permanent USA Address which won't change as well. They have an option of repacking the goods to reduce the cost if needed (Haven't used it yet)

    All shipping rates are listed on the site so you can figure out the cost in advance.
  5. A friend of mine has an account with Shipito.

    She has used them quite a number of times over the last year or so and has no complaints at all. Shipping is quite prompt, complete with regular tracking updates. The shipping costs are quite often less than half of what retailers and Ebay sellers seem to want to charge to direct ship to Aus, that's if they are even willing to!

  6. I use reship.com

    No bad experiences and good customer service.

    They'll hold packages till other items arrive for like 3 months so that you can combine shipping.

    Different options for payment too! If you're using occasionally, you can pay as you go $5 p/ item + actual shipping cost! or you can pay a monthly fee if you're going to use them a lot. Various choices on how you would like the item shipped eg. USPS, UPS, etc.

    I give them 2 thumbs up. I highly recommend them.
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  7. Thanx for info will look up reviews for those companies listed.
  8. Another vote for shipito, have been using them for the last few years for Christmas shopping and found them to be really good, can't compare them price wise as I've never used another reshipping provider but I've always been happy with the prices and speed that they're able to process my packages. Last time I used TNT International Express shipping via shipito and had it from the US to my local depot within 3 days.
  9. I've used shipito a bunch of times, it's always been OK so far.